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Hikari no Umi no Apeiria - Trial Edition Part 1  Freeware, commercial 1280x7202017-06-23Unknown
Hikari no Umi no Apeiria - Trial Edition Part 2  Freeware, commercial 1280x7202017-06-30Unknown
Hikari no Umi no Apeiria  Non-free, commercial Unknown2017-07-2818+
Hikari no Umi no Apeiria FD ~Casablanca no Kishi~ + Hikar...  Non-free, commercial 1280x7202017-12-2218+Also includes 1 music CD & 1 drama CD.
Silky's Plus 5th Anniversary Deluxe BOX  Non-free, commercial Unknown2018-07-2718+Includes:
-a visual book
-5 CD of music
-an entry for the live event
-a wallet
Ai Pei Li Ya Jing Zhi Hai  Non-free, commercial UnknownTBA18+Simplified Chinese

Although no mention of translating said title its been announced via QQ Group
Jing zhi Hai de Aipeiliya (patch) Freeware NA for patchesTBA18+Simplified Chinese.
Translated by "凰华の艹AI汉化组".