Hatsukoi Valentine


Hatsukoi Valentine
TitleHatsukoi Valentine
Original title初恋ばれんたいん
DeveloperFamily Soft & Opera House
Publishers Family Soft
Same series
Hatsukoi Valentine Special


Love training simulation to enjoy high school life during a period of two years with childhood friends and new acquaintances, even a female teacher. Game features a unique system of leaving letters in the shoebox.

The game's goal is to get a date for valentine's day with one of the game's girls (if is with his childhood friend is better) and to do that the player have to talk to the characters during each week to get a better relationship, going out in date with the girls and improve his characters stats doing different things during the week (study, running, work to get more money, etc).

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1997-07-31  Hatsukoi ValentineNon-freeCommercial 1 
1998-10-09All ages  Hatsukoi ValentinePartially voicedNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD
2011-01-2617+    Hatsukoi ValentineNon-freeCommercialInternet downloadReleased as part of PSOne classics.  
1999-02  Choyeon ValentineNon-freeCommercial1 CDOfficial Korean release


Character summary

Main character Date Sakura
Voiced by Sayama Riko
Main character Imai Sachiko
Voiced by Nanase Rio
Main character Katou Makiko
Voiced by Shizuki Ami
Main character Maeda Reika
Voiced by Arai Shizuka
Main character Matsudaira Youko
Voiced by Morota Kaoru
Main character Mouri Asami
Voiced by Sonozaki Mie
Main character Oda Kasumi
Voiced by Hidaka Noriko
Main character Oohara Yuuko
Main character Ootomo Chiaki
Main character Saitou Aya
Main character Sanada Haruna
Voiced by Yanagihara Miwa
Main character Takeda Yukie
Voiced by Itou Mio
Main character Takenaka Hakari
Main character Usami Saya
Voiced by Koike Kanoko
Side character Tachibana Junsuke
Side character Takahashi Hirohisa
Side character Takigawa Jin

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