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v20935.102019-10-17 at 21:17paladin-pureNympho Waifu++Should be obvious
v20935.92017-06-14 at 16:25beliarNympho Waifu++Erm... I'm pretty sure there is absolutely no relation between those two games, beyond Marble Syrup buying the graphic assets from G.J? in order to
v20935.82017-06-14 at 14:03multiNympho Waifu++Reverse relation update caused by revision v2406.10
v20935.72017-06-14 at 14:00cockblockulaNympho Waifu++[Characters, sprites and CG from Futago no Haha Seihonnou]
v20935.62017-06-14 at 07:36marblesyrupNympho Waifu++screenshots added
v20935.52017-06-14 at 06:05marblesyrupNympho Waifu++Official title of the full game is "Nympho Waifu++" while "My Nympho Wife & Co." is the name of an unfinished earlier version of the game.
v20935.42017-06-14 at 06:00beliarMy Nympho Wife & Co.The main name of the novel should correspond to the first full release. The plus plus version seems just an updated version of the old one, so it
v20935.32017-06-14 at 05:51marblesyrupNympho Waifu++One more writer
v20935.22017-06-14 at 05:47marblesyrupNympho Waifu++Adding new name
v20935.12017-03-10 at 09:50beliarMy Nympho Wife & Co.vn