Marionette ~Ito Tsukai~


Marionette ~Ito Tsukai~
TitleMarionette ~Ito Tsukai~
Original titleMARIONETTE~糸使い~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Carriere & Mints & Anise
Carriban -Carriere Fandisc-
Same series
Marionette Zero


The main character is Hiroki Mikage, apparently nothing more than a gifted but unremarkable high school student, although this facade hides an almost physical Darkness, a profound sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction menacing his own sanity.

However this is merely the prelude to even darker events, when Hiroki, while going to school, notices a strange violet light coming from the riverbank beside the road and finds a mysterious violet gem(?) scintillating with an eerie inner light...

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