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v20975.192017-10-25 at 22:45krykryHatsujou Sprinklefixing, read as wrong kanji before
v20975.182017-10-25 at 19:42krykryHatsujou SprinkleRe-translated the whole thing from original @link. Getchu version was badly translated as usual.
v20975.172017-10-25 at 14:22krykryHatsujou SprinkleEdited the description to correct info.
v20975.162017-07-28 at 16:48traumatizerHatsujou Sprinklestaff
v20975.152017-07-19 at 09:09yuanshanshanHatsujou Sprinkle..
v20975.142017-05-10 at 06:05707Hatsujou Sprinkle..
v20975.132017-04-21 at 19:29707Hatsujou Sprinkleconfusing
v20975.122017-04-21 at 18:34sai30Hatsujou Sprinkle😅 fix
v20975.112017-04-21 at 17:40sai30Hatsujou Sprinklefix this Description because there are some wrong of grammars from use paragraph.
v20975.102017-04-21 at 16:35sai30Hatsujou Sprinkleadd Description
v20975.92017-04-20 at 14:58707Hatsujou Sprinkleasd
v20975.82017-04-20 at 14:57707Hatsujou Sprinkle..
v20975.72017-04-06 at 18:28traumatizerHatsujou SprinkleOP
v20975.62017-03-27 at 13:06707Hatsujou Sprinklecv
v20975.52017-03-24 at 04:01satsukiHatsujou Sprinklepic
v20975.42017-03-24 at 04:00satsukiHatsujou Sprinklepic
v20975.32017-03-21 at 05:24satsukiHatsujou Sprinkletemp pic
v20975.22017-03-18 at 16:27satsukiHatsujou Sprinklestaff
v20975.12017-03-18 at 16:24satsukiHatsujou Sprinklenew