Danganronpa Forge:Re

Danganronpa Forge:Re
TitleDanganronpa Forge:Re
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A girl wakes up on a ship. She can't remember anything about her past or herself. Not even her name. A boy finds her. A boy with a cloud of white hair wearing a green sweatshirt. They go up to the deck. There are other people there. Fifteen others. They remember more than the girl does. They remember who they are. The ship reaches an island. Everyone thinks they're safe.

But then the fox appears. The harbinger of despair. It tells them that they must kill each other. For every three days without a killing, the fox will execute someone at random. When someone is killed by another player, there will be a trial with a defense team, a prosecution team, and a jury. If the team that convinces the jury gets the killer wrong, the entire team-as well as the innocent person they fingered-is executed, and the killer escapes.

This is Foxy's killing game.

One way or another, people will die.

Despair is the only escape.

And out of the ashes...

...a brilliant hope must be born.

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Danganronpa Forge:Re

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