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Original title快刀乱麻
DeveloperImagineer Co., Ltd.
PublishersImadio & Imagineer Co., Ltd.
Related anime[DB-ANN] Kaitouranma The Animation (OVA, 1999)


Japan in alternative history universe. Shinjuro may be a little young to be the master of a swordsmanship school, but fate didn't give him a choice. Now his position and martial arts skill land him in the middle of serious trouble when the rogue samurai Mikage faces off against the Tokugawa government, and Shinjuro and the small group of swordsmen who train at the school must now protect the town from harm. However, the group won't be challenged until the Tokugawa house calls in a favor, and the young swordsman is forced to duel Mikage himself.


Japanese (2)
1997-09-26All agesKaitouranma
1999-01-21Kaitouranma Miyabi


Full character list

Character summary

Fujishiro KoharuMain character
Hanafusa MirenMain character
Voiced by
Imai YukaMiyabi
Miyamura YuukoOriginal game
Koishikawa SanaMain character
Voiced by Kuwashima Houko
Kotohara ShukunoMain character
Voiced by Tomizawa Michie
Rei RinMain character
Voiced by Oono Marina
Homura TakemaruSide character
Voiced by Ishikawa Hideo
Kabutoyama DaigoSide character
Makabe JuuzouSide character
Voiced by Hayami Shou

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