Oshare ni Koishite 2 ~Oshare Princess~

おしゃれに恋して2 ~おしゃれプリンセス~

Oshare ni Koishite 2 ~Oshare Princess~
TitleOshare ni Koishite 2 ~Oshare Princess~
Original titleおしゃれに恋して2 ~おしゃれプリンセス~
DeveloperCulture Brain Excel
Publishers Culture Brain Excel




2008-04-26All ages  Oshare ni Koishite 2 ~Oshare Princess~Partially voicedNon-freeCommercial1 Cartridge  
2012-04-05All ages  Oshare ni Koishite 2 PlusPartially voicedNon-freeCommercial1 CartridgeNew art and added scenario and dress up items.  

Character summary

Protagonist Ai
Voiced by Ogasawara Saki
Protagonist Aya
Voiced by Yamamoto Maria
Main character Kojirou
Voiced by Hirata Hiroaki
Main character Naoto
Voiced by Ishida Akira
Main character Teppei
Main character Yuuta
Voiced by Miyano Mamoru

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