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Konohana: True Report

此花 True Report

TitleKonohana: True Report
Original title此花 True Report
DeveloperVridge Inc.
Konohana 2 ~Todokanai Requiem~
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This is the first game in Konohana series and takes place in a high-school, featuring Meguru Momoi as a protagonist, a second year student who just moved to Konohana high-school. As things would have it, what you thought to be the peaceful period until the graduation turns into a suspense thriller. The teacher has been killed, and together with Miako Tachibana, a second year student who is part of a school's newspaper club, you end up entangled in trying to solve the mystery behind the series of murder and the "Legend of Grim Reaper".

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2001-04-26Konohana: True Report
2001-04-26Konohana: True Report
2002-05-30Super Lite 1500 Series Konohana: True Report
2004-07-0815+Super Lite 2000 Series Adventure Konohana Pack ~Mittsu no Jikenbo~


  • Character design
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  • Character design
  • moo

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    Character summary

    ProtagonistMomoi Meguru
    Voiced by Ishida Akira
    Main characterTachibana Miako
    Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako
    Side characterHagiwara Naoto
    Voiced by Suzuki Masakazu
    Side characterOomi Yuuko
    Voiced by Tsuchiya MiekoFirst game only

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