Konohana 3 ~Itsuwari no Kage no Mukou ni~

此花3 ~偽りの影の向こうに~

Konohana 3 ~Itsuwari no Kage no Mukou ni~
TitleKonohana 3 ~Itsuwari no Kage no Mukou ni~
Original title此花3 ~偽りの影の向こうに~
DeveloperVridge Inc.
Publishers Success
Konohana 2 ~Todokanai Requiem~
Konohana 4 ~Yami o Harau Inori~


The story picks up lightly with Meguru and Miako bickering about. After some computer chatting, Miako arranged to go with Meguru and Shinobu to a Water Island amusement park. There, they would also meet up with some other friends and acquaintances. Time went by as they were checking all kinds of interesting places at the amusement park, until they entered the house of horror attraction. One of the people among them was found killed in a haunted house and everyone's a suspect. It is up to Meguru and Miako to once again put their minds to the task of solving the murder mystery and finding the culprit.

[from MobyGames]


2003-05-01  Konohana 3 ~Itsuwari no Kage no Mukou ni~Non-freeCommercial 1 
2004-07-0815+  Super Lite 2000 Series Adventure Konohana Pack ~Mittsu no Jikenbo~Non-freeCommercialContains the three first Konohana games for a lower price.


Character summary

Protagonist Momoi Meguru
Voiced by Ishida Akira
Main character Sakurada Shinobu
Main character Tachibana Miako
Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako
Side character Hagiwara Naoto
Side character Oomi Yuuko

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