Edit history of G-senjou no Maou

v211.712020-05-03 at 18:19kuririnG-senjou no MaouIt takes around 38/40hs to complete all routes.
v211.702020-02-08 at 00:15fuukanouG-senjou no MaouReverted to revision v211.68 Read the edit history.
v211.692020-02-07 at 23:50-dora-G-senjou no MaouEditing VN completion time to be more accurate
v211.682019-10-25 at 05:00dk382G-senjou no MaouReverted to revision v211.66 Don't change game lengths based on your own subjective reading experience. This VN is about as long as the other VNs
v211.672019-10-23 at 21:27szjxG-senjou no MaouLength should at least be "long" if the reader is to go through every route.
v211.662019-09-18 at 16:18molesterG-senjou no MaouAdded screenshots from eng. release with new UI and aspect ratio for comparison between new and old versions.
v211.652019-06-01 at 17:02shinnewG-senjou no MaouShould be fine to unlock by now. Also cast. link
v211.642016-11-10 at 10:34multiG-senjou no MaouReverse relation update caused by revision v20273.1
v211.632016-02-23 at 19:11beliarG-senjou no MaouReverted to revision v211.61 this is getting ridiculous. there is nothing wrong with the previous synopsis - it reads perfectly fine in second person
v211.622016-02-23 at 19:08weilaiG-senjou no Maou..
v211.612016-02-23 at 19:02myopiusG-senjou no MaouSecond person is fine. When rewording a description that's lasted 8 years (v211.8) an edit summary might be nice.
v211.602016-02-22 at 20:30weilaiG-senjou no Maou..
v211.592016-02-22 at 19:56myopiusG-senjou no MaouThere was nothing wrong with the old description. The TV Tropes one actually reads like a more awkward paraphrasing of Asceai's.
v211.582016-02-17 at 09:19weilaiG-senjou no Maou..
v211.572015-12-21 at 22:24traumatizerG-senjou no Maoustaff notes
v211.562015-12-04 at 21:50myopiusG-senjou no MaouAlmost without = not without, but close to being without. So for example, if I begin to eat "almost without delay" I do so promptly but not as fast
v211.552015-12-04 at 10:33dekachinG-senjou no Maou"Almost without" is an oxymoron. I guess you can leave the other part but it sounds stupid
v211.542015-11-30 at 14:48traumatizerG-senjou no Maoustaff notes
v211.532015-11-24 at 09:34dk382G-senjou no MaouReverted to revision v211.51 Completely unnecessary edit. The grammar isn't improved, and your alternate wording isn't really better.
v211.522015-11-24 at 08:24dekachinG-senjou no Maougrammar
v211.512015-10-01 at 15:51weilaiG-senjou no Maou..
v211.502015-08-30 at 18:57traumatizerG-senjou no Maoustaff
v211.492015-08-01 at 23:42dk382G-senjou no MaouReverted to revision v211.47 There was nothing wrong with the old description, don't make unnecessary edits.
v211.482015-08-01 at 22:01nohbdyG-senjou no MaouGot rid of a line of fluff
v211.472015-07-18 at 18:53traumatizerG-senjou no Maou.
v211.462015-07-05 at 21:18dk382G-senjou no MaouNow an official title.
v211.452015-04-01 at 02:24eyelessG-senjou no MaouReverted to revision v211.43 No need to replace screenshots, especially with badly cropped ones
v211.442015-03-31 at 17:25ciellaG-senjou no MaouScreenshot of English version.
v211.432015-03-07 at 21:48wakaranaiG-senjou no MaouReverted to revision v211.41 new screenshots have non-native resolution. don't replace screenshots without a good reason.
v211.422015-03-07 at 21:44alaraumG-senjou no Maou.
v211.412015-02-24 at 04:11myopiusG-senjou no Maoustaff
v211.402015-02-18 at 10:43harunaG-senjou no Maoustaff
v211.392015-02-16 at 10:38harunaG-senjou no Maoustaff
v211.382015-02-09 at 01:49wakaranaiG-senjou no Maoustaff->vocals
v211.372015-02-09 at 01:49wakaranaiG-senjou no Maoustaff&cast
v211.362015-02-06 at 20:33zackrivaldhiG-senjou no Maoulink
v211.352015-02-06 at 16:10traumatizerG-senjou no Maou+1
v211.342015-01-30 at 17:24harunaG-senjou no Maoustaff
v211.332015-01-30 at 13:31harunaG-senjou no Maoucast
v211.322015-01-29 at 10:31harunaG-senjou no MaouAdded staff
v211.312015-01-29 at 09:44traumatizerG-senjou no MaouVa
v211.302015-01-29 at 07:56yorhelG-senjou no MaouNo reason for this to be locked.
v211.292011-02-13 at 07:27eyelessG-senjou no Maoureuploaded screenshots with borders removed
v211.282010-02-06 at 15:08multiG-senjou no MaouThis visual novel was locked before the update to VNDB 2.11, no reason specified.
v211.272010-01-05 at 21:06yorhelG-senjou no Maouencubed
v211.262009-07-14 at 16:44echomateriaG-senjou no Maoudescription edit
v211.252009-05-21 at 16:59echomateriaG-senjou no MaouLength changed.
v211.242009-05-12 at 21:35echomateriaG-senjou no MaouMad an another change to the screenshots to include the choices, the backlog, the music display, the screen splitting and more sprites.
v211.232009-05-07 at 23:36echomateriaG-senjou no MaouLength and screenshot change.
v211.222009-04-01 at 13:34echomateriaG-senjou no MaouWikipedia link added