LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers owl.
Singles: A PAIRS Story


An alien with sketchy morals craves a human's heart.
A young man schemes to get his parents back from death.
A mutant tries to figure out where her heart lies with her childhood friend.
An illusionist struggles with his motivations for becoming a hero.

Four stories. Four people. A chance to understand them all.



Carmelita Brown
Carmelita Brown 
Hair, Bald, Black, Curly, Ponytail
Eyes, Amber
Body, Dark, Pointed Ears, Scales
Clothes, Dress, Futuristic Suit, Uniform
Personality, Ambitious, Flustered, Idealist
Role, Childhood Friend, Girlfriend, Superhero
Engages in, Disguise


A young woman following her dreams to get certified in hero work.

She grew up highly sheltered with Ricardo as her only friend, not even allowed past the high brick wall surrounding her family's property.

Everything changed, however, when Ricardo's powers manifested...

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James Zhang
James Zhang 
Hair, Black, Parted to Side, Ponytail, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Black
Body, Mole
Clothes, Apron, Glasses, Jacket, Sweater
Personality, Pragmatic, Protective, Serious
Role, Baker, Boyfriend, Orphan


A Neutral who is raising his sister, Mei, with whom he has a ten-year age gap.

Before he attracted the attention of Kitten Pink, he was actually pretty popular and something of a playboy.

Surprisingly (disturbingly?) chill about dating a super-villain.

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Lek Noiya
Lek Noiya 
AliasesKitten Pink
Hair, Braided Headband, Curly, Long, Pink
Eyes, Teal
Body, Pointed Ears, Unnatural Skin Tone
Clothes, Bracelet, Circlet, Robe, Skirtall, T-shirt
Personality, Deredere, Possessive, Sweets Lover, Violent
Role, Extraterrestrial, Girlfriend, Princess, Warrior
Engages in, Fighting


The Princess of the Naian Empire and heir to the throne, Noiya is an absolute 'Daddy's Girl', doted on by her father.

Unlike most Naians, she has no powers--not that she's any less dangerous or destructive.

Loves desserts, but grossed out by human ones.

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Ricardo Fernandez
Ricardo Fernandez 
Hair, Black, Short, Short Bangs
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, Futuristic Suit, Jacket, Jeans, Uniform
Personality, Charismatic, Cynic, Loyal, Protective
Role, Boyfriend, Childhood Friend, Orphan, Superhero
Engages in, Disguise


The child of two certified Naturals, Ricardo is a cynical illusionist who has carefully honed his powers.

Orphaned as a child, he's followed in his parents' footsteps, training to become a hero as well.

In spite of this, he hates hero work.

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