Oh, Yes! Kasshoku Bitch Hitozuma no Seiyoku Kaishou ~Ero Ero Dekiru Mama-san Volley Kai~

Oh,Yes! 褐色ビッチ人妻の性欲解消~エロエロできるママさんバレー会~

TitleOh, Yes! Kasshoku Bitch Hitozuma no Seiyoku Kaishou ~Ero Ero Dekiru Mama-san Volley Kai~
Original titleOh,Yes! 褐色ビッチ人妻の性欲解消~エロエロできるママさんバレー会~
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers Appetite
 Sakashi Plans
Kasshoku Cool Bitch Hitozuma no Seiyo...


I broke the cherished glass of my mother's. As a punishment, I was made to serve and do odd chores for a fixed period in the volleyball club, my mother does as a hobby.

But perhaps, might not there be some young married woman and elder sisters among them!
...While I carried such hope, there was no one except typical aunts.
There was not even a fragment of elder sister types among anyone I looked at.

I have to go there every week...
...Should I try escaping like this.

"....Huh? That is..."

For some reason among the aunts, there is a person with a healthy tanned skin. Furthermore, with blond hair.
Even seen from a distance, that body line... The body figure is quite good.
Height is overall tall, there is no slovenly parts. It is a pretty tightened body, as if like a model.
However, the only exposed place, particularly those big breasts are obviously quite non Japanese.

Even just walking for a bit, she stands out so much. I wonder why I didn't notice such a person in my surroundings.

While I was staring in fascination, the foreign woman approached me and suddenly hugged my head between her breasts.

"I am Kouda Diana. Please take care of me♪"

[Translated from Getchu]


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Toshima Kousuke渡島 浩輔 
Role, Father, Husband
Engages in, Infidelity, Volleyball


At the age of being very interested in erotic acts.
While he is a bit rebellious against his parents, his inherent nature is of a diligent and good child.

From the sequel:

Protagonist of the previous work "Kasshoku Bitch Hitozuma no Seiyoku Kaishou".

A timid person who hesitates to take the step when it counts.
However, he grew up through the activities with Diana. Recently, he also takes many manly decisions.
However the part of getting carried away easily, has still not cured.
He became conceited by being able to satisfy Diana.
Since his height and body shape has not changed recently, it is a bit troubling.

Main character

Koda Diana
Koda Diana幸田 ディアナ 
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 102-59-100cm
Hair, Blond, Parted to Side, Short
Eyes, Garnet
Body, Big Ass, H to M Cup, Slim, Tanned, Young-adult
Clothes, Armband, Bikini, Earrings, Knee Pad, Ring, Short Shorts, Sports Jersey, Sports Shoes
Personality, Proactive, Slutty
Role, Foreigner, Mother, Wife
Engages in, Infidelity
Subject of, Pregnancy
Engages in (Sexual), Blowjob, Boobjob, Double Handjob, Masturbation, Pregnant Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Body Writing, Butterfly, Cowgirl, Cunnilingus, Multiple Penetration, Nipple Sucking, Quickie Fix, Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Missionary, Tominagi
Voiced byAmamori Riko


A blond haired, tanned foreign woman.
Bright and sociable, basically has a positive and active personality.
Has been married to her husband for 4 years but doesn't have children yet.
Loves erotic things.


From the sequel:

Heroine of the previous work "Kasshoku Bitch Hitozuma no Seiyoku Kaishou".

After being inseminated by Kousuke, she is now the mother of one child.
While she is still continuing her marital relationship with her husband, she is interested in remarrying "Kousuke" in future.
To know the situation of Trisha and introduce Kousuke, she called the training camp.