sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Omachikane CD


Titlesol-fa-soft Manatsu no Omachikane CD
Original titlesol-fa-soft真夏のお待ちかねCD
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers Sol-fa-soft
Shares characters
H na Oisha-san
Lolikko Roshutsu Club ~Mebae Hajimeta...
Ojou-sama no Himitsu!
Princess Pianissimo ~Naisho no Baieru~


This is the third sol-fa-soft Variety CD.

The title screen changes depending on your progress.

■ Picture puzzle
The theme of the puzzle is "body painting".

■ Lolikko Chikan Densha
It is a short story and interactive game.
It is about what to do with a lolita girl on a crowded train.

■ Bansoukou
It is a short story about the chairman Makimura Nagi

■ Young woman eradication campaign
Short story about the public information image of Ministry of Education - Child Sex Abuse Prevention Center.

■ Standing Pose Gallery
You can see all the standing poses of characters from sol-fa-soft works up to "sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Omachikane CD".

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