Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 2: Irodori no Love Song

ときめきメモリアルドラマシリーズ Vol.2 彩のラブソング

Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 2: Irodori no Love Song
TitleTokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 2: Irodori no Love Song
Original titleときめきメモリアルドラマシリーズ Vol.2 彩のラブソング
AliasesTokimemo Drama Series Vol. 2, Irodori no Love Song
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Konami
Parent story
Tokimeki Memorial
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 1...
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 3...
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Japanese Sega Saturn version at for US$ 0.00 »


The game story goes in days, from September 25, 1997 to October 11, 1997.

It is 17 days to the Culture Festival and your band (Irodori) is going to participate in the band contest. On this day while your are practicing a group of girls gathers around your band to talk to Takumi while you just ignore them and practice. After practicing Takumi meets his classmate Katagiri Ayako and goes over to talk to her. You will not know who she is at this time. Suzune will follow you on your way home.

At this point you will learn that she actually has some feelings for you, but you will not realise it. During lunch time you go to the rooftop to write a new song (Tears Angel) to participate in the Band contest. After school you can walk around to meet the other girls.

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Main characters

Katagiri Ayako
Katagiri Ayako片桐 彩子 
Hair, Black
Eyes, Black
Clothes, School Uniform
Personality, Carefree
Role, High School Student, Painter
Voiced byKawaguchi Masayo


An art student who has a habit of using English in everyday speech. She is deathly afraid of water.

Misaki Suzune
Misaki Suzune美咲 鈴音 A
MeasurementsHeight: 151cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 79-57-80cm
Birthday23 November
Role, Band Member, Keyboardist
Voiced byKuwashima Houko

Side characters

Akiho Minori
Akiho Minori秋穂 みのり O
MeasurementsHeight: 152cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 78-56-80cm
Birthday16 April
Role, School Soccer Club Member
Voiced byTange Sakura
Asahina Yuuko
Asahina Yuuko朝日奈 夕子 B
MeasurementsHeight: 159cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 83-59-85cm
Birthday17 October
Hair, Red
Clothes, School Uniform
Personality, Energetic, Outgoing
Role, Bad Student, Friend, High School Student, Wealthy
Voiced byTeppouzuka Youko


A cheerful girl who's very active and sociable. She does poorly in school, though. She is often seen with her childhood friend, Yoshio Saotome.

Fujisaki Shiori
Fujisaki Shiori藤崎詩織 
Hair, Long, Red
Eyes, Red
Clothes, Headband, School Uniform
Personality, Kind, Smart
Role, Childhood Friend, High School Student
Voiced byKingetsu Mami


The player's childhood friend. Once you two were really good friends, but you seemed to have drifted apart. Both intelligent and beautiful, Shiori is one of the most popular girls in her school. To win her heart, the player needs very good stats all-around, as well as get into a first-class university. She is never seen without her trademark yellow headband. Shiori is one of the first three phone numbers the player obtains early in the game.

Himoo Yuina
Himoo Yuina紐緒 結奈 
Hair, Blue, Curtained
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, School Uniform
Personality, Genius
Role, High School Student, Scientist
Voiced byNaka Tomoko


A mad scientist of sorts of the school. She is terrified of koalas.

Ijuuin Rei
Ijuuin Rei伊集院 レイ AB
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm
Birthday23 August
Hair, Blond, Ponytail, Waist Length+
Role, Popular, Wealthy
Engages in
Voiced byTsunoda Narumi
Kisaragi Mio
Kisaragi Mio如月 未緒 
Hair, Green
Eyes, Green
Clothes, Glasses, School Uniform
Items, Book
Personality, Shy
Role, High School Student
Subject of, Illness
Voiced bySekine Akiko


A shy librarian almost never seen without her glasses on.

Koshiki Yukari
Koshiki Yukari古式 ゆかり 
Hair, Pink, Twin Tails
Eyes, Pink
Clothes, School Uniform
Personality, Refined
Role, High School Student, Wealthy
Voiced byKurosaki Ayako


A polite, soft-spoken girl who's the daughter of a wealthy family.

Saotome Yoshio
Saotome Yoshio早乙女 好雄 
Hair, Brown
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, School Uniform
Personality, Friendly
Role, Friend, Rival
Voiced byUeda Yuuji


Often seen around school usually with other girls, Yoshio provides the player with information on the available girls, including their phone numbers, blood type, and various things they like earning him the nickname "Info Otaku". Yoshio's phone number is one of the three phone numbers you receive in the beginning of the game. If certain conditions are met, Yoshio will become a rival to the player at the end of the third year, attempting to win the heart of one of the girls. The girl he ends up with are limited only to those the player has met and will depend on the player's own success with the girl he has chosen; however, he does not directly fight for any girl the player has chosen. In the spin-off gameTokimeki no Houkago ~Ne Quiz Shiyo~, Yoshio is a winnable character although the player does not actually end up with him; instead, the player and Yoshio make a pact to both find girlfriends. This makes him the only male character (prior to Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, in which the main objective to end up with are male characters) where the main character can end up with him.

Make an appearance

Nijino Saki
Nijino Saki虹野 沙希 
Hair, Blue, Short
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Baseball Cap, School Uniform
Personality, Carefree, Kind, Outgoing
Role, High School Student
Engages in, Baseball, Cooking, Soccer
Voiced bySugawara Sachiko


Manager of the school's soccer/baseball team (it varies).

Tatebayashi Miharu
Tatebayashi Miharu館林 見晴 
Hair, Green, Hair Loopies
Eyes, Green
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Rubber Band With Beads, School Uniform
Personality, Deredere, Nature Lover, Shy, Timid
Role, High School Student
Voiced byKikuchi Shiho


A hidden girl who seen now and again, but can't officially date in the game. She loves koalas quite a bit.