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Mahou Shoujo o Mechakucha ni Shite Mita ~Houkai Akuda~

魔法少女をメチャクチャにしてみた ~崩壊悪堕~

TitleMahou Shoujo o Mechakucha ni Shite Mita ~Houkai Akuda~
Original title魔法少女をメチャクチャにしてみた ~崩壊悪堕~
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Protagonist is an evil monster, Black Ripper.
He has slipped in the heart of his enemy, justice forces commander, when he was shocked by a blast. Thereupon, using the commander, he is trying to lead the organization of justice to ruin, making magical girls plunge to evil.

To turn it to evil he ought to make magical girls despair. Moreso, the more magical girls despair, the stronger they become.

Wouldn't it be a great shock if their commander betray them? Girls believe him from the bottom of their hearts. In addition, they are not thinking about him just as a commander. They seem to have deeper feelings for him.

If so, it would be beneficial to let them enter in relationships they desire. The protagonist thinks to involve with them deeper and then to betray. A respected mentor of combat, trusted superior of the base and the dearest lover. He need to become an irreplaceable being to magical girls.

And, becoming the most important human to girls, splendidly betray them before their own eyes. And then from the strong grief in time they know they were deceived should be born the most powerful dark magical girls.

Will the protagonist succeed in enslaving both bodies and minds of girls, as he expect?

[Translated from DLsite]