Edit history of Walkure-A Slave

v21171.92019-09-25 at 21:55multiWalkure-A SlaveReverse relation update caused by revision v4041.35
v21171.82018-06-09 at 12:51intirinchWalkure-A Slavescreenshots
v21171.72018-04-03 at 06:00bubuzakiWalkure-A Slavechange dvd image
v21171.62017-07-13 at 01:10lordfrivolousWalkure-A Slavevoice cast for side character added
v21171.52017-07-13 at 01:07lordfrivolousWalkure-A Slavevoice actress added
v21171.42017-05-19 at 02:30eroerogamerWalkure-A Slavechange name, is "walkure" not valkyrie ヴァルキリー = valkyrie ワルキューレ = walkure
v21171.32017-05-15 at 11:08eacilValkyrie-A Slavequite obvious it's a parody of Walkure Romanze; alternative version I guess? + anime
v21171.22017-04-26 at 12:49denebv201Valkyrie-A SlaveSet game length
v21171.12017-04-26 at 05:55denebv201Valkyrie-A SlaveAdd new visual novel