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Edit history of ODEON

v21176.172022-08-17 at 14:25Marc402ODEONcapitalisation of title
v21176.162021-08-15 at 21:03alviboOdeonedited for better readability
v21176.152021-05-28 at 00:34galacticlightnOdeonscreenshot
v21176.142021-05-02 at 07:48varioOdeonstaff
v21176.132020-07-25 at 16:13alviboOdeondescription edits
v21176.122019-07-17 at 19:57alviboOdeonedited unnecessary word out
v21176.112019-01-23 at 08:02wakaranaiOdeonwrong wata
v21176.102018-04-06 at 23:25alviboOdeonfixed typo
v21176.92018-04-06 at 21:39alviboOdeonAdded description
v21176.82018-03-31 at 21:22alviboOdeonChanged length
v21176.72017-08-21 at 08:56ShinnewOdeonHaving a different capitalization does not change the fact that the entire original title is in the Latin alphabet. Reverted to revision v21176.5
v21176.62017-08-21 at 08:11emotionalOdeon"The 'Original title' field and the title/name fields of other database entries (including release entries) should use the official capitalization
v21176.52017-08-21 at 07:15ShinnewOdeon"The original title of this visual novel, leave blank if it already is in the Latin alphabet."
v21176.42017-08-20 at 12:38emotionalOdeon...
v21176.32017-08-20 at 12:20emotionalODEON...
v21176.22017-08-20 at 12:18emotionalODEONStaff.
v21176.12017-04-27 at 14:48anonymousODEONDidn't see it in the db, so I'm adding it.