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v21180.102018-12-16 at 19:43shinnewKyonyuu Dosukebe Gakuen ~Shojo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshizukai~Title.
v21180.92018-12-14 at 15:17terios121Kyonyuu Dosukebe Gakuen ~Shojo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi Tsukai~No reason to Do this. (P.S.: I Am very Drunk to edit Release titles that leery never edited)
v21180.82018-08-09 at 19:22davidlu9837Kyonyuu Do-sukebe Gakuen ~Shojo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi-zukai~added screenshots
v21180.72018-06-05 at 05:43bobjr2000Kyonyuu Do-sukebe Gakuen ~Shojo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi-zukai~length
v21180.62018-06-04 at 03:40bobjr2000Kyonyuu Do-sukebe Gakuen ~Shojo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi-zukai~bio
v21180.52018-02-04 at 15:06leeryKyonyuu Do-sukebe Gakuen ~Shojo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi-zukai~title
v21180.42017-10-26 at 18:53shinnewKyonyuu Dosukebe Gakuen ~Shoujo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi Tsukai~Anime.
v21180.32017-08-12 at 11:36kivisadeKyonyuu Dosukebe Gakuen ~Shoujo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi Tsukai~Corrected transliteration of game title ("dosukebei" is a single word, "do" is an emphatic prefix added to a noun, not a standalone word)
v21180.22017-06-26 at 16:57traumatizerKyonyuu Do Sukebe Gakuen ~Shoujo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi Tsukai~staff n' cast
v21180.12017-04-27 at 20:08eacilKyonyuu Do Sukebe Gakuen ~Shoujo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi Tsukai~interheart disgusting spam