Faulty Apprentice

Faulty Apprentice
TitleFaulty Apprentice
AliasesFaulty Apprentice: Interactive Visual Novel / Dating Sim
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperAGL Studios
Publishers AGL Studios


In a world of Magic, Monsters and Mystery, you are the Faulty Apprentice!
You take on the role of an ordinary farm boy that left home seeking a glorious apprenticeship. You have had a couple jobs, in fact, you have had a lot, more than you can count. Why do you keep getting fired? If you can't hold an apprenticeship at this castle, there is nowhere left!

Is a lifetime of failure leading the Apprentice to a greater purpose? Or will he fail in a blaze of glory like always? Perhaps with your help and some new friends, you can turn this Faulty Apprentice into a true hero!

Faulty Apprentice is an interactive visual novel with elements of fantasy and lighthearted fun!

Main characters

Archer Instructor
Archer InstructorEleanna 
AliasesEleanna of Eryndril. Daughter of Liriel the Ivory Comet, Protector of Wind Spirits, Last Guardian of the Eternal Forest.
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm, Weight: 49kg
Hair, Blond, Braid, Multicolored, Orange, Straight, White
Eyes, Tsurime
Body, Average Height, Olive, Pointed Ears, Slim, Teen, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Bracer, Furisode, Gloves, Pinafore Dress, Spaulders, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Items, Bag, Bow
Personality, Cautious, Charismatic, Confident, Idealist
Role, Elf, Teacher
Engages in, Archery
Releases> Main character - r51531:Faulty Apprentice: Chapter 1
Dark Elf
Dark Elf 
AliasesMysterious Dark Elf, Thief, Prisoner.
Personality, Mysterious
Role, Prisoner, Thief
Royal Commander
Royal CommanderAngeline
AliasesCommander, steward of Stars Reach Castle.
Personality, Stoic
Role, Commander