Daraku Otome Ibun -Ochitaru Yuusha to Shinjitsu no Maken-


TitleDaraku Otome Ibun -Ochitaru Yuusha to Shinjitsu no Maken-
Original title堕落乙女異聞―堕ちたる勇者と真実の魔剣―
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperCircle Exelga
PublishersCircle Exelga
Circle Exelga
Daraku Otome Ibun II -Resukatie Senny...
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Eristia Vitral, the last hero of the Order in Lescatie, sets out on an adventure through the ruins of the Order as she seeks out a powerful artifact, "Magic Sword of Truth", with her faithful squire Yuriy. From her efforts, she'll learn more about the Order and the "truth" within herself than she ever bargained for...

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Alraune Eristia
HairGreen, Long
BodyUnnatural Skin Tone
ClothesBeret, Hair Flower
RoleMandragora, Plant
Engages inMetamorphosis


"I won't let go anymore...Let's make love here like this forever..."

Eristia, having achieved unification with an alraune individual who had been lacking a human shaped part as the other half of her body after being taken inside, which is extremely rare. Perhaps due to the influence of this individual who must have been lonely for the longest time, she has an extremely powerful obsession with her lover. They remain in each other's embrace, joined together with her limbs and vines wrapped around him, and she now refuses to ever let go.

Day or night, there is constant copulation, and ripe, mellow nectar is secreted. The local honey bees are becoming entralled by the taste, fragrance, and most of all, the powerful aphrodisiac effect. Sooner or later, a harem will be formed in the forest within the ruins centered around her husband, and it may even result in the region's conversion into a mamono realm.

Cheshire Cat Eristia
HairKemonomimi, Orange, Waist Length+
BodyFurry Tail, Kemonomimi
ClothesBell, Beret, Thigh-high Stockings
Engages inMetamorphosis


Cat Family, Beastman Type
"Nyahaha. What should be play next, Yurie? Sucky-sucky? A footrace? Or..."

Eristia, after transforming into a Cheshire Cat after being led through a gate to "Wonderland" participating in a "tea party" that was being held there, and being subjected to rapid erosion from the mamono man floating in the land's air. Though it was all hallucinatory, she has experienced monsterization numerous times, resulting in an increased physical and sexual pleasure, and spiritual affinity towards monsterization and sexual pleasure, and apparently she has easily adapted to the local abnormality. Her personality is somewhat more childish than when she was human. Following her own curiosity and hedonistic thoughts, she consistently indulges in coitus with her lover. She is also equipped with the Cheshire Cat's distinctive power of suggestion, and gleefully imprints the minds of her lover and visitors with hedonism and various sexual perversions. She herself also seems to be fully enjoying her love and pleasure smeared sex life in "Wonderland".

Cursed Sword Eristia
EyesBlue, Heterochromia, Red
BodyUnnatural Skin Tone
ClothesBeret, Naked
Engages inMetamorphosis
Subject ofMalevolent Possession


Sword Devil Family, Magical Material Type
"Ahaa...I wanna cut ya more and more...I'll cut ya and violate ya...Ufufu, ahaha..."

The hero Eristia, after physically and mentally fusion with a cursed demonic sword that she obtained in the interior of the ruins. Due to the rapid progress of the erosion, there is an outbreak of chitinous, membranous tissue centered around the right side of her body where fusion has occurred. She is already enthralled by the pleasure given to her by the demonic sword, and she slashes up her lovers as directed, wringing out pleasure along with mana. Her heart and body are aroused by this, and she becomes intent on ferociously violating him according to her desire. Meanwhile, the fusion has further progressed, but after having her entire body violated, contrary to her sinister outward appearance, her expression has completely changed into a gentle one, and she enjoys sexual union with her lover with a blissful smile on her face.

However, this is only the case if there are no interruptions. Her swordmanship has reached a superhuman level, and whoever dares interrupt her would probably be given to a local monster after being slashed out of their senses.

Dark Priest Eristia
BodyPointed Ears
ClothesChain Jewellery, Hat, High Heels
RolePriest, Succubus
Engages inMetamorphosis


Succubus Family, Demon Type
"Oh, Fallen God-sama...I offer gratitude from my heart for the wonderful days spent copulating with my lover and simply drowning in the pleasure of coitus..."

Just when she was beginning to seriously doubt the order and the Chief God due to the events that had occurred just before, she read aloud the scriptures of the Fallen God which she discovered in the ruins; thereby communicating with the Fallen God and receiving into one of her faithful acolytes.

Now having abandoned her faith in the Chief God and her duty as a hero, she has been reduced to a physical and spiritual embodiment of the fallen god's doctrine. She has secluded herself in the cult's holy land, pandemonium, where she just drowns in the pleasure induced by coitus with her lover as an offering consecrated to the fallen god she worships; her new duty consists of only this. In a certain sense, perhaps it is an acme of bliss, which continues eternally, and cannot be experienced by those bound to the transient world...

Darkslime Eristia
BodyUnnatural Skin Tone
ClothesBeret, Naked
Engages inMetamorphosis


"Aha... How wonderful it is for both my mind and body to have become sticky..."

Eristia, transformed into the kin of a dark slime core through being fondled in a way that melted her mind and body. Her mind has completely degraded into that of a degenerate, and she trembles due to the unknown sensations induced by her soft body which can freely change shape. From the way she indulges in the sensation of the meatrod being buried inside her, clearly her mind has transformed into that of an obscene monster. Although a member of the slime family, she is a variety which possesses high intellect and what's more, she retains her memories and experience from when she was human, so we can probably say that she is an extremely dangerous individual.

Regardless of no longer needing to wear clothing, she has formed a hat shaped structure on her head, which seems to be proof that even after having transformed into a monster, she still hasn't lost her own personal identity.

Holstaur Eristia
HairMulticolored, Orange, White
BodyFurry Tail, Horns
ClothesBell, Beret
RoleCow, Minotaur
Engages inMetamorphosis


Minotaur Family, Beastman Type

"Moooo~ Heeey, let's squirt more milk together"

Eristia, transformed into a holstaur, a dairy cow monster, from suffering acute mana erosion after drinking a large amount of the "extra thick holstaur milk" that was stored in a hovel in the ruins.

Her breasts have swollen up huge, and her face has slackened in a slovenly manner. There's no longer any trace of the dignified hero left. Driven by the unbearable feeling of pressure on her mammary glands and her instinct as a monster, the only thing in her head is the desire for her and her lover to keep "milking" each other.

Covered in an obscene cloudy white cocktail inside and out, even the very core of her being is enraptured by the pleasure of spraying milk, and her expression reveals only never-ending ecstasy.

Lesser Succubus Eristia
HairAhoge, Orange
BodyBat Wings, Demon Tail, Horns
ClothesBodystocking, Collar, Thigh-high Stockings
Engages inMetamorphosis
Subject ofNymphomania


"Ahaa...It's still not enough...More, more..."

Eristia, monsterized after the "yearning" dormant deep within her was drawn out due to developing erotic sensitivity from the training she received from a succubus who captured her at the ruins she visited.

As a consequence of her obsession with purity as a former hero, once possessed by the darkness, she was stained in depravity like a dry sponge soaking up water. She's still inexperienced as a succubus, and consequently, her condition is such that it's like her lust for sexual pleasure is out of control, and the brakes aren't working. Driven by her instinct as a succubus and overflowing yearning, she mounts her man, shakes her hips, and continuously indulges in mana.

The cries of ecstasy and sticky wet noises are unlikely to ceace until the time when she eventually becomes a full-fledged succubus.

Mindflayer Eristia
AliasesDeep One
BodyMultiple Legs, Tentacle, Unnatural Skin Tone
RoleMollusc, Monster Girl
Engages inMetamorphosis
Subject ofMemory Alteration


Scylla Family, Mollusk Type

"Ufufufu... Wow we can be joined together forever while I slish your head with my tentacles. I'm so happy..."

The hero Eristia, after being captured by a mindflayer and having her mind melted slurped by her tentacles. Due to having been implanted with "monster values", which interpret having lust directed towards oneself by the opposite sex as a joyous thing, she melted her own mind constantly, spontaneously coming to seek devilish pleasure herself in the end. With her thought circuits utterly stained in indecency, as one "with the heart of a monster", she was approved as worthy to transform into a minion of the abyssal monsters.

She has transformed into a grotesque enchantress, and whenever she's alone together with her lover, he is in human form, but otherwise, he is transformed into squid form. Engulfed in the feeling of bliss that comes from constantly being able to be joined together, she wanders the labyrinth of darkness while waving her tentacles about in pleasure with ecstatic gasps and sticky wet noises resounding...

Slime Carrier Eristia
BodyConjoined Twins
Engages inMetamorphosis


Majin Family, Majin Type
"Ehehehee...All wet and sticky, inside and out..."

The hero, Eristia, after having become one with a "parasite slime", accepting it with both her body while she was exploring the ruins, and her body thoroughly received pleasurable training, inside and out, resulting in her rational mind and thoughts melting away. The boundary between her own flesh and the slime that has pervaded her body is the same as nonexistent, and we can say they have essentially transformed into a single monster.

She continuously dances obscenely atop her slime bed against the backdrop of sticky wet noises and slapping sounds. Her sense of duty as a hero and dignity no longer remain. Since the slime takes care of all her personal needs, and she can dedicate all her time to copulating with her lover, relishing this time of happiness with all her body and soul is now for certain the thing of greatest concern to her...

Youko Eristia
AliasesKitsune-tsuki Eristia
BodyMultiple Tails
ClothesThigh-high Stockings
RoleFox, Youkai
Engages inMetamorphosis
Subject ofPossession


Fox Family, Beastman Type

"Kufufufu...Go ahead and keep indulging in me forever, master..."

Eristia was possessed by a youko's kitsune-bi that was sealed within a stone that she found in the interior of the ruins, and it took root inside of her. This is her form after transforming into a youko from indulging herself in pleasure according to the spirit's temptation.

It is supposed that a youko's lust increases as her number of tails does. Among them, those with nine tails are regarded as the highest rank, and they are appropriately extreme hedonists. She is absorbed in sexual intercourse with her husband all day long, continuously indulging in pleasure. Even if as far as they're concerned they are just doing what they desire, her vast mamono mana is having a tremendous influence on the environment around them.

The entire region around the ruins is in the process of being swallowed up by a dark mamono realm. However, they themselves are more fascinated with each other than any debauchery, and they seem to have no concern whatsoever for the outside world.

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Side characters

AliasesFourth Princess of the Demon Realm, Druella
BodyBat Wings
RolePrincess, Succubus

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Wilmarina Noscrimウィルマリナ ノースクリム
AliasesSuccubus Wilmarina
BodyBat Wings
RoleServant, Succubus

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