Eternal Hour

Eternal Hour

TitleEternal Hour
DeveloperSeventh Heart Studios
Publishers Sekai Project & Denpasoft


Eternal Hour starts off as a slice-of-life game about the daily life of average-yet-interesting boy named Yasu Fujimoto. Yasu had a pretty peaceful youth living with his aunt, but all is slowly changing as Yasu and his friends are closing in on the end of their high school life. Yasu fears that he is running out of time, and feels a suffocating pressure made by his own indecision and lack of achievements so far.

The Climber’s Club is a long-running tradition for Yasu and his friends. Katashi, the leader of the club, plans a little celebration for their graduation: He challenges the club to climb the ancient stone monolith of Epoch Tower.

At the top of the rocky mountain Yasu will find a moment of peace as he tastes his first real achievement of his life, but soon after, he will also notice a figure. A figure that bears his own face.

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2017-05-09All ages    Eternal Hour - Demo  
201818+    Eternal Hour - 18+ Edition
2018All ages    Eternal Hour - All-ages Edition
201818+    Eternal Hour - 18+ Patch (patch)

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