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Forceful - Season 2

Forceful - Season 2
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperGchris Gutierrez
PublishersGchris Gutierrez
Shares characters

Akura and I

Forceful: Yuta's Face Farts

Forceful: Akura's Face Farts


Makoto is a college student who is best friends with three girls, Akura Saijini, Yuta Tareta, and Grace Dahlia. All three happen to be extremely gassy, and Makoto happens to have a fart fetish. He wants to keep his attraction to their farts a secret, though they may be more accepting of it than he realizes...

Season 2 is a continuation of text-only Season 1, which is a series of erotic works, centered on eproctophilia.


English (3)
2016-06-1416+Forceful - Season 2 Chapter 10: A Forceful Reunion
2016-10-0716+Forceful - Season 2 Chapter 11: Forceful Empathy
2016-10-2916+Forceful - Season 2 Chapter 12: A Forceful Realization

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Makoto TektugiProtagonist
Akura SaijiniMain character
Grace DahliaMain character
Yuta TaretaMain character

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