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VOIDSafe / Tame (14)
1 cover
Play timeShort (4h30m from 3 votes)
DeveloperVifth Floor
PublishersSekai Project
Chaos Gate Team, VNStat


“In a journey of revenge, you better be ready to dig two graves.”

That thought kept lingering in Arthur Woods’s head, as he continued his journey of finding the killer of his girlfriend, the mysterious organization called ‘The Syndicate’.

He worked as one of their assassins; he received his orders from cutouts and anonymous letters, and killed people no questions asked. He threw away what morality and humanity he has left for his desire of vengeance, while trying to unravel the elusive organization in order to see his true target. Arthur Woods is the mastermind, the author of his pain and misery, and he will not stop even if it kills him.

But one day, Ciel Blanchette, an MI6 agent, came. When Arthur saw that Ciel brought along Julie Ross, a vigilante, in tow, he knew that ‘The Syndicate’ was not what he thought it was.

Mini reviews

By ForgottenMPC on 2023-06-26Vote: 7
<report>The writing in this visual novel could get a lot better, especially at the END. WHAT WAS THAT? How could they? The cliffhanger in the end, as if there was a sequel.

But if you're not looking for such a perfectly written storyline then this might be for you. But if you're more into characters than the writing then this might be for you. The visuals deserve also credit, even though the VN doesn't have anything animated.

In conclusion, this visual novel could have been written better than it is. But it's fine if you like the types of characters that are in this VN.
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