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Robotics;Notes DaSH

TitleRobotics;Notes DaSH
Aliasesロボティクス・ノーツ DaSH, R;N DaSH, robono DaSH, ロボノ DaSH
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Developer5pb. Games
Publishers5pb. Games & Spike Chunsoft
Spike Chunsoft & Numskull Games Ltd.
Same setting
LinksWikipedia (en), Wikidata
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2020. World line variation rate: 1.048596.

While consumer-use robots receiving the benefits of a networked society are becoming more widespread, the robot rebellion incident in February showed the vulnerability of that sort of information society. While it was a global crisis through the network, it was prevented by high school students of Tanegashima island, where the battle took place.

Half a year later. Tanegashima is flooded with people as it prepares for its summer festival. One of the high school students that saved the world from crisis, the protagonist Kaito Yashio, has since graduated and returns to his hometown of Tanegashima after a long time away.

During his return, he meets a middle-aged man named Itaru Hashida, who has a mutual friend and came to Tanegashima to see the sights. However, he cannot help but find his behavior strange. Although this man is actually a super hacker with world-class skills, Kaito has yet to learn this fact. Before long, events that disrupt everyday life start to repeatedly occur.

That was the sign of a conspiracy that is once again trying to throw the world into chaos.

[from Gematsu]

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Yashio Kaito八汐 海翔B
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm, Weight: 61kg
Birthday5 May
HairRed, Short, Slicked Back, Spiky Bangs
BodyAverage Height, Olive, Slim, Teen
ClothesSchool Uniform, Sports Shoes, T-shirt, Watch
PersonalityLazy, Loner, Ore, Proactive, Protective, Smart, Stubborn
RoleChildhood Friend, Gamer, High School Student, School Extraordinary Club Member
Engages inInvestigation
Subject ofAccident, Mental Affliction, Muscle Disease
Voiced byKimura Ryouhei


The protagonist who constantly plays the fighting game Kill-Ballad and is a member of his school's robotics club. He is not interested in robots, and is only a member of the club to be by Akiho's side, as Misaki, Akiho's older sister, left her in his care before she left the island.

[From Wikipedia]

Main characters

MeasurementsHeight: 145cm, Weight: 40kg
Birthday24 December
HairCurtained, Grey, Parted in Middle, Sidehair
BodyPale, Short, Slim, Teen
ClothesBarefoot, Dress, Ribbon Hair Tie
PersonalityCoodere, Friendly, Kind, Loyal, Mysterious, Refined, Stoic, Strange
RoleArtificial Intelligence
Engages inTeasing
Voiced byKugimiya Rie


An AI existing within Iru-O created by Kimijima, with another personality (Geji-nee) that is used by him to collect information. <hidden by spoiler settings>

[From MyAnimeList]

Daitoku Junna大徳 淳和O
MeasurementsHeight: 148cm, Weight: 46kg
Birthday10 August
HairBlack, Bob Cut, Parted to Side, Short
BodyDark, Slim, Teen
ClothesGloves, Keikogi, Ribbon Tie, Sailor School Uniform, School Uniform
PersonalityKind, Shy, Timid, Watashi
RoleGranddaughter, High School Student, School Extraordinary Club Member, School Sports Club Member
Engages inMartial Arts
Subject ofPsychological Trauma
Voiced byTokui Sora


One of the members of the Robotics Club and a member of the school's karate club. Because of a traumatizing event in her past, she is reluctant to interact with robots.

[From Wikipedia]

Furugoori Kona古郡 こなB
AliasesKoujiro Frau, FRAUKOUJIRO
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm, Weight: 49kg
Birthday17 June
HairBlond, Long, Parted to Side, Sidehair, Twin Tails
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesRibbon Hair Tie, Ribbon Tie, Sailor School Uniform, Shorts, Tank Top
PersonalityAntisocial, Genius, Made-up Words, Otaku, Pervert, Sloppy, Stutter, Watashi
RoleFamous, High School Student, Hikikomori, School Extraordinary Club Member
Engages inComputering, Investigation
Voiced byNazuka Kaori


Creator of Kill-Ballad, and the daughter of the director of Gunvarrel. She came to Tanegashima in search of her mother.

[From Wikipedia]

Hashida Itaru橋田 至B
AliasesDaru, DaSH, DaSP, Supah Hakah
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm, Weight: 98kg
Birthday19 May
HairBrown, Short, Wavy
BodyAverage Height, Overweight, Pale, Young-adult
ClothesBaseball Cap, Glasses, Gloves, Jeans, Sandals, T-shirt
Personality2D Character Lover, Boku, Kind, Otaku, Pervert, Sloppy
RoleCoder, Friend, Hacker, Inventor
Engages inComputering, Masochism
Subject ofTeasing
Voiced bySeki Tomokazu


Daru is an experienced hacker who has known Okabe since high school. He is very skilled at computer programming and with old and new computer hardware. He is also well-versed in things pertaining to otaku culture. Okabe and Shiina refer to him by the nickname "Daru", a portmanteau of his given name and surname. Okabe sometimes also calls him Super Haker, mispronouncing the word "hacker" to his chagrin. He is a big fan of Faris and he frequently says things which could be taken as sexual harassment. Daru is often annoyed with Okabe's frequent delusional behavior.

Hidaka Subaru日高 昴A
AliasesMr. Pleiades, Mr_PLEIADES
MeasurementsHeight: 170cm, Weight: 65kg
Birthday22 February
HairBlack, Short
BodyPale, Teen
ClothesGlasses, School Uniform
PersonalityCynic, Ore, Pragmatic, Shy, Smart, Stoic
RoleHigh School Student, School Extraordinary Club Member, Son
Engages inCompetition
Subject ofBlackmail
Voiced byHosoya Yoshimasa


A second-year student in the same school as Kaito and Akiho. He won the Robo-One championship several years ago, and because of this, Akiho tries to get him to join the robotics club. However, he refuses because his father made him promise to stop playing with robots in high school and become a fisherman after graduating.

[From Wikipedia]

Senomiya Akiho瀬乃宮 あき穂A
MeasurementsHeight: 157cm, Weight: 50kg
Birthday13 April
HairBrown, Ponytail, Short, Sidehair
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesHair Tie, Knee-high Socks, Ribbon Tie, Sailor School Uniform, School Uniform
PersonalityEnergetic, Hardworker, Hotblooded, Loud, Otaku, Puffy, Stubborn
RoleChildhood Friend, Full Sister, High School Student, School Extraordinary Club President, Younger Sister
Voiced byNanjou Yoshino


The main heroine, and initially, the chairman and the only other member the robotics club aside from Kaito. She is also Kaito's childhood friend. Her dream is to finish building the giant robot Gan-tsuku, which her older sister Misaki started.

[From Wikipedia]

Tennouji Nae天王寺 綯A
AliasesSister Braun
MeasurementsHeight: 159cm, Weight: 52kg
Birthday9 November
HairTwin Tails
ClothesDress Shoes, Name Tag, Necktie
PersonalityCarefree, Cheerful, Friendly, Outgoing
RoleDaughter, Gamer
Engages inCycling, Teasing
Voiced byYamamoto Ayano


A cheerful worker at JAXA, daughter of Tennouji Yuugo.

Side characters

Hidaka Hiromu日高 宏武
Voiced byKinoshita Hiroyuki


Subaru's dad: an old-school, stubborn man. He makes a living as a fisherman and is part of the Tanegashima Fishermen's union. Usually he is quiet, but he can get violent when he is angry.

[From Spike Chunsoft's Official ROBOTICS;NOTES Website]

Nagafukada Sumio長深田 澄夫
Voiced byKanao Tetsuo


Mitsuhiko's uncle and president of Space Ame company. He funds the Gan-Tsuku projects in exchange for publicity (the company name displayed on the robots).

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Kiryuu Moeka桐生 萌郁B
AliasesShining Finger, Glowing Masseuse, Mail Demon, Moe, M4, SHININGFINGER_MK
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm, Weight: 54kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-59-88cm
Birthday6 June
HairBlond, Long, Sidehair, Wavy
EyesAmber, Jitome
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Blouse, Court Shoes, Glasses, High Heels, Skirt
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityAbsentminded, Antisocial, Blunt, Coodere, Mysterious, Protective, Reserved, Serious, Shy, Sloppy, Stoic, Strange, Stubborn, Taciturn, Watashi
Engages inInvestigation, Stalking


Moeka is a part-time editor whom Rintarou encounters in Akiba. She is practically glued to her phone and cannot function without it. Even when face to face, Moeka prefers to communicate by email.
She is searching for the legendary retro PC known as the IBN 5100.

[From Steins;Gate Official Site]

<hidden by spoiler settings>

Makise Kurisu牧瀬 紅莉栖A
AliasesChristina, Chris, Assistant, Celeb 17, The Zombie, Perverted Genius Girl
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm, Weight: 45kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 79-56-83cm
Birthday25 July
HairBrown, Red, Sidehair, Straight, V Bangs, Waist Length+
EyesTsurime, Violet
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBoots, Jacket, Lab Coat, Necktie, Pantyhose, Shirt, Shorts
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityAtheist, Competitive, Confident, Curious, Genius, Hardworker, Proactive, Reserved, Sensitive, Serious, Stubborn, Tsundere, Watashi
RoleDaughter, Famous, Scientist
Subject ofTeasing


Kurisu is a neuroscience researcher at an American university, and can speak and read English well. Having had her research published in the academic journal Science at the young age of 18, Makise is extremely talented. She skipped a grade in the American school system. She does not get along with her father and has not spoken to him in many years. Okabe often just calls her assistant or one of a number of nicknames he comes up with, such as "Christina", "the Zombie", and "Celeb Sev", none of which she likes. She is considered a tsundere character; she dislikes this characterization as well, strongly objecting whenever Daru mentions it.

Okabe Rintarou岡部 倫太郎A
AliasesOkabe Rintaro, Hououin Kyouma, 鳳凰院凶真, Okarin, オカリン
MeasurementsHeight: 177cm, Weight: 59kg
Birthday14 December
HairBlack, Short, Slicked Back, Stubble
EyesBrown, Hosome
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Lab Coat, Shirt, Trousers
ItemsMobile Phone, Pen
PersonalityAmbitious, Chuunibyou, Loyal, Made-up Words, Ore, Pretending, Strange
RoleChildhood Friend, Friend, Inventor, Poor, Scientist, University Student
Engages inTeasing
Subject ofAccident
Voiced byMiyano Mamoru


Rintarou is an eccentric individual, a self-proclaimed mad scientist and often refers to himself under the alias of Hououin Kyouma, which is also the name he uses to introduce himself to other people. Mayuri and Daru refer to him by the nickname Okarin, a portmanteau of his surname and given name. He is the founder of what he calls the "Future Gadget Laboratory" in Akihabara where he spends most of his time. Rintarou gives off the appearance of being delusional and paranoid, frequently referring to the "organization" that is after him, talking to himself on his phone, and engaging in fits of maniacal laughter. Most of the time he takes on a fairly arrogant personality. He is usually seen wearing a lab coat. <hidden by spoiler settings> The character is 18 years old and a first year student at Tokyo Denki University.

Modified from Wikipedia.

Shiina Mayuri椎名 まゆりO
AliasesMayushii, Mayushii NyanNyan
MeasurementsHeight: 152cm, Weight: 45kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 85-56-82cm
Birthday1 February
HairBlack, Blond, Short, Spiky Bangs, Thick Eyebrows, Wig
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesClothing with Ribbons, Dress, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Sun Hat
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityAirhead, Carefree, Deredere, Food Lover, Friendly, Insightful, Kind, Otaku, Third Person
RoleChildhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, Part-time Worker, Student, Waitstaff
Engages inCosplay, Shopping
Subject ofTeasing


Mayuri is a long-time childhood friend of Okabe and a bit of an airhead. Mayuri enjoys creating cosplay costumes and has a part-time job at a maid cafe called "Mayqueen Nyannyan". She often calls herself Mayushii, a portmanteau of her given name and surname, which is also what Daru calls her. She has a distinctive sing-song way of speaking, and she typically sings "tutturuu" when she arrives or introduces herself.

Urushibara Ruka漆原 るかA
AliasesUrushibara Luka, Lukako, Rukako
MeasurementsHeight: 161cm, Weight: 44kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 73-60-77cm
Birthday30 August
HairBlack, Parted in Middle, Short
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen, Trap
ClothesBell, Blouse, Choker, Dress, Hairpin, Kemonomimi Hood, Miko's Dress, Trousers
ItemsBroom, Katana
PersonalityBoku, Naive, Opposite Gender Voiced, Sensitive, Shy, Timid
RoleClassmate, Friend, Homosexual, Miko, Student
Engages inCleaning, Cross-dressing


Ruka is a friend of Okabe. His appearance is that of a female and he acts in a feminine way due to his upbringing, wearing girl's clothing within and outside his father's temple. He is also a close friend and classmate of Mayuri's and is often asked to try on her cosplay costumes, but as he is quite shy, he generally refuses. He is unsure of his feelings towards Okabe, who calls him by his nickname, Rukako, containing the feminine suffix -ko, to denote his feminine appearance, and thinks of Ruka as his pupil.