Sokubaku Kanojo no Sanjuusou ~Hen'ai: Juuai: Saai no Hate ni~

束縛彼女の三重奏 ~偏愛:重愛:狭愛の果てに~

TitleSokubaku Kanojo no Sanjuusou ~Hen'ai: Juuai: Saai no Hate ni~
Original title束縛彼女の三重奏 ~偏愛:重愛:狭愛の果てに~
DeveloperNoir Soft
Publishers Noir Soft


On a certain Valentine's Day, Shouya makes acquaintance with Shizuka. Apparently, her one-sided crush didn't accept her chocolate. While comforting her, he was given the chocolate instead.

Thus, they start to get along. However, Shizuka's love graduatelly becomes obsessive. Furthermore, there is also his childhood friend who has a bizzare love for him, and a lunatic girl who believes him to be her destined partner.

And so, Shouya's life changes greatly, all starts from that moment when he received the chocolate...

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Ichijou Shouya一条 翔也 
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