Saimin Enmachou ~Kioku ni nai Seikatsu Shidou~

催眠艶魔帳 ~記憶にない生活指導~

TitleSaimin Enmachou ~Kioku ni nai Seikatsu Shidou~
Original title催眠艶魔帳 ~記憶にない生活指導~
DeveloperBlack Currant
Publishers Black Currant


The protagonist is a teacher who has an aspiration for hypnotism. However, he hasn't been able to achieve it since there is no one to pratice on.

One day, he try out a hypnosis technique on a student. The effect is beyond what he images, he can freely manipulate the mind and body.

Fortunately, the number of students who have bad grades has increased recently. Using this technique, he takes over the training and tricks the female students...

[Translated from Getchu]


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Ishikura Haruki石倉 遥輝 
Body, Ugly
Role, Teacher