The Arcana

The Arcana
TitleThe Arcana
DeveloperNix Hydra Games
Publishers Nix Hydra Games


You are a prodigy of the magical arts, left to your own devices by your wandering mentor. Make choices that shape your story as you fall headfirst into a whirlwind adventure, filled with a colorful cast of characters who all have one thing in common: their interest in you.

Delve deep into the heart of intrigue, and uncover a murder mystery that still hangs over the city like a shroud.

Be careful what secrets you reveal… yours is not the only fate that hangs in the balance. Magic and mystery await. Who will you love and who will you condemn?

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The Arcana is a serialized story that updates with new chapters every few weeks.

Main characters

Hair, Curly, White
Eyes, Violet
Body, Dark, Young-adult
Clothes, Hat
Personality, Mysterious, Non-Binary, Relaxed, Secretive
Role, Fortune Teller, Magician, Mentor


The wandering magician with a wealth of secrets.

Favourite food: Blue-tongued skink
Favourite drink: Lapsang souchong
Favourite flower: Belladonna

Hair, Red
Eyes, Grey
Body, Adult, Pale
Clothes, Cloak, Eyepatch, Gloves, Mask
Personality, Mysterious
Role, Ex-boyfriend, Infamous, Medical Doctor, Unpopular
Engages in, Revenge


The fugitive doctor who hungers for revenge.

Favourite food: Lobster claws
Favourite drink: Black coffee
Favourite flower: Wolfsbane

Hair, Pink, Red
Body, Adult, Dark
Clothes, Bracelet, Forehead Necklace, Ring, Transparent
Personality, Confident, Refined
Role, Popular, Queen Regnant, Wealthy, Widow
Engages in, Revenge


The widowed countess whose word is law.

Favourite food: Spiced swordfish
Favourite drink: White wine
Favourite flower: Lavender

Hair, Orange, Ponytail
Eyes, Blue
Body, Adult, Freckles
Clothes, Bandanna
Personality, Curious, Friendly
Role, Full Sister, Maid, Poor


The trusted handmaiden with a penchant for snooping.

Favourite food: Bread pudding
Favourite drink: Beer
Favourite flower: Sweet pea

Side characters

LucioCount Lucio, Count 
Hair, Blond, Slicked Back, Unusual Eyebrows
Eyes, Red
Body, Adult
Clothes, Cape
Role, King
Subject of, Death


The provocative Count whose presence still lingers over the city.

Favourite food: Ox tartate
Favourite drink: Red wine
Favourite flower: White rose

Hair, Black, Chest Hair, Stubble
Eyes, Green
Body, Adult, Muscular, Scar, Tall
Clothes, Collar, Hood
Personality, Mysterious


The fearsome outsider who owes an onerous debt.

Favourite food: Smoked eel
Favourite drink: Black mead
Favourite flower: Forget-me-not