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Romantique Salon

TitleRomantique Salon
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Early romantic composers in their youth met you in 1832 Paris.
What do you think about their complicated love for music?
What changes are brought to you and them, by the unrealistic encounter?

---With whom, what music will you orchestrate?

An Otome (Maiden) novel game themed on 19th century's Paris and featuring Early Romantic composers as characters.

Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Schumann and Berlioz are the main characters of this game.

The scenario has multiple branches and you will follow one of the storylines depending on your choices. Perhaps you can enjoy some romance with them...!?

Some of the other great composers in this period also appear as sub-characters.

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2017-06-09All agesRomantique Salon

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Romantique Salon

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