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v21426.172019-09-03 at 19:09lunaterraBlackberry Honeywikidata
v21426.162018-08-13 at 02:42bobopopBlackberry Honeyimage
v21426.152018-04-02 at 06:39multiBlackberry HoneyReverse relation update caused by revision v22785.3
v21426.142018-01-06 at 07:11novellaBlackberry HoneyStaff
v21426.132018-01-06 at 07:02novellaBlackberry HoneyStaff
v21426.122017-10-24 at 21:40alaokBlackberry Honey~100k words.
v21426.112017-10-18 at 05:58lunaterraBlackberry Honeygame not yet released
v21426.102017-10-18 at 04:18trickzzterBlackberry HoneyLength: 7-10 hours (according to description on Steam)
v21426.92017-08-19 at 20:22novellaBlackberry HoneyImage
v21426.82017-08-19 at 20:21novellaBlackberry HoneyReplaced cover image. Image source: link
v21426.72017-08-19 at 20:18insanityyBlackberry Honeynew desc
v21426.62017-07-20 at 20:22lunaterraBlackberry HoneyDevs misestimate the length of their games all the time. Wait for the actual release.
v21426.52017-07-20 at 14:49novellaBlackberry HoneyEbi-hime estimated the game will take around 8-12 hours to finish: link
v21426.42017-06-29 at 16:21insanityyBlackberry Honeymissing bracket
v21426.32017-06-29 at 16:21insanityyBlackberry Honeybetter desc
v21426.22017-06-29 at 15:46insanityyBlackberry Honeyadd composer, artist note, placeholder image
v21426.12017-06-29 at 15:38insanityyBlackberry Honeynew game