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v21432.142019-02-15 at 08:17multiBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-Reverse relation update caused by revision v25328.1
v21432.132018-04-08 at 03:56thewayfarerBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-Negligible description fix
v21432.122018-04-08 at 02:45klutchBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-ss2
v21432.112018-04-05 at 03:48klutchBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-ss
v21432.102018-04-05 at 02:47zoltyBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-added length
v21432.92018-04-03 at 02:22thewayfarerBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-d2#6 Please make sure that some of the screenshots are in-game, not just CG entirely. Reverted to revision v21432.7
v21432.82018-04-03 at 02:09kuroi94Bosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-images
v21432.72018-03-31 at 00:21wakaranaiBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-additional credits
v21432.62018-03-15 at 12:05thewayfarerBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-Adding description from a blog.
v21432.52018-01-27 at 13:55hashiridasuBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-cover with logo from getchu
v21432.42017-12-15 at 09:05shinnewBosei Kanojo -Shikyuu Kikan Hen-Title.
v21432.32017-12-15 at 05:16707Bosei Kanojo -Shinkyuu Kikan Hen-..
v21432.22017-12-15 at 05:06707Bosei Kanojo -Shinkyuu Kikan Hen-seems to be a multiple games. one heroine per game
v21432.12017-07-01 at 11:56707Bosei Kanojo..