Operation: Future Domination

Operation: Future Domination
TitleOperation: Future Domination
DeveloperEirrir Games
Publishers Sekai Project


Have you ever wished that summer would never end? In Operation: Future Domination, you can experience that wish coming true! But it might not turn out as you would have thought.

Play as Rin, who just recently graduated high school and is now enjoying her summer break right before starting college. . . . Perhaps, "enjoying" is not the right word; "figuring out" seems more fitting. What was supposed to be the beginning of her leisurely break turns into a series of dangerous events when she encounters a couple of questionable people who make the bizarre claim that summer is repeating. Will Rin be able to sift the truth from the fabrications and, in the process, face her greatest fears?


2017-06-3015+    Operation: Future Domination [demo]FreewareDoujin1280x720Internet downloadAvailable on itch.io.  
TBA15+    Operation: Future DominationNon-freeCommercialInternet download  


Character summary

Protagonist Rin
Main character Leon
Main character Nicolas
Main character Ryan

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