Xin Xuan Xueyuan Yi Wen Lu


Xin Xuan Xueyuan Yi Wen Lu
TitleXin Xuan Xueyuan Yi Wen Lu
Original title新选学院异闻录
AliasesGhost Maker
DeveloperWINDUST & Zhong Ciyuan Chejian
Xin Xuan Xueyuan Yi Wen Lu 2


As a classic VN protagonist, you, as a student, are just beginning at a new college.

Originally looking forward to finding true love, you quickly learn of the the legend of the "seven incredible events" and rumors of its source...

Will you spend your time running around the school to eliminate the Wraith? Will you end up in caught in the event yourself?
Perhaps you will ignore it and find love anyway.

With two main routes, five ending (including BAD ENDINGS), rich events, and unique CGs, it is up to you to decide everything.

[Translated from the Official Website]


2005-07-08  Xin Xuan Xueyuan Yi Wen LuNot voicedStory: No animationsFreewareDoujinGame does not work with Windows 8 or higher. On Windows 7, must run in compatibility mode for Windows 2000.  


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  Xin Xuan Xueyuan Yi Wen Lu

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