Kansen Saimin Virus ~Tadaima Seieki de Kakudaichuu~

感染催眠ウイルス ~ただいま精液で拡大中~

TitleKansen Saimin Virus ~Tadaima Seieki de Kakudaichuu~
Original title感染催眠ウイルス ~ただいま精液で拡大中~
DeveloperNoir Soft
Publishers Noir Soft


The protagonist is just a normal student, but an accident changes his life. He is infected with the "Hypno Virus". People with this virus become susceptible to hypnotism. Moreover, the virus is transfered through body fluids. He is going to infected the girls and do whatever he wants with the power of hypnotism.

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Shimamura Shougo島村 翔吾 
Role, Student