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Code: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~

Code:Realize ~白銀の奇跡~

TitleCode: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~
Original titleCode:Realize ~白銀の奇跡~
AliasesCode Realize ~Silver Miracles~, コードリアライズ ~白銀の奇跡~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperOtomate & Design Factory Co., Ltd.
PublishersIdea Factory Co., Ltd.
Aksys Games
Original game
Code: Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~
Shops» US$ 18.29 @ PlayAsia
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Second fandisc in the Code: Realize series, containing after stories for the new routes from Shukufuku no Mirai. It also contains stories about the first Christmas Cardia spends with the bachelors, as well as a new story featuring the new character Cantarella.

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