Shinsou Seiki Elementia ~Kutsujoku no Sennou Saimin~


TitleShinsou Seiki Elementia ~Kutsujoku no Sennou Saimin~
Original title神装聖姫エレメンティア~屈辱の洗脳催眠~
AliasesHoly Armored Princess Elementia ~Hypnotic Brainwashing of Disgrace~, Element Hime
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Pin-Point
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There exists, a syndicate of darkness by the name "EVIL".
Performing piracy, slavery, and all manners of crime throughout the galaxy...
Using advanced technological prowess they invade undeveloped planets
and their next target for pillaging is an energy source existing on Earth. "ELEMENT"

Our heroine, Nozomi Kisaragi, is a warrior of justice named "Element Venus"!
To protect earth, with the support of her lover, "Element Knight" she fights day
in, day out against the dark forces of the EVIL syndicate!

In charge of the EVIL earth invasion force is Genom.
His plan is to use the powers of "ELEMENT" for his own gain but...
Element Venus keeps getting in his way.

... and with complaints about his lack of progress from his superiors,
Genom has had enough of this fiasco! Be careful Element Venus!
He will use whatever dastardly tactics it takes to capture her and...

Here begins his heinous hypnotic brainwashing operation.
From warrior of justice, she will fall, into the dark depths of pleasure corruption!

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