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Ego Holic

TitleEgo Holic
Ante Holic


In the big bustling city Elón, the rich can fulfill their dreams, the middle class is well off, and Espers hunt down illegitimate magical users on witch-hunts. So, just like any other city.

Leonard Honeywell, a broke witch with no warrant to use magic, stumbles upon an antiquarian bookstore and becomes an employee under… weird circumstances. Minding his own business, he tries to flee from his past and find a reason in life.

But nobody knows about the Gate that opened, or why Leonard got booted from the Academy (supposedly for killing a fellow student), or that his boss is giving out mysterious tomes for free to people who come to his bookstore.

Next to getting grey hair over this management, Leonard gets to know a lot of people - people who aren't rich. People who can't fulfill their dreams.

People who get hunted.

People who are still yearning for something.



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2017-07-2718+Ego Holic - Demo
TBA18+Ego Holic

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