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17" de Shijie


Title17" de Shijie
Original title17"的世界
Shares characters
[unofficial] Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni


Various kinds of internet platforms have made countless internet idols. But that is just a few successful examples. There are countless people who have made efforts to get everyone’s attention. The grace of the university is also one of them.
As a member of the guitar club, but unable to find the object of discussion because of his love for Japanese songs, he finally could not stand the view of only ten digits and decided to make some changes: "If it's a female singer, it should be more affected. Welcome it..." With a restless and uneasy mood, he reluctantly bought "Vocaloid Hatsune Miku" software and expects his own singer to perform his songs perfectly.
But after installing it, there was no way to open the software. When he gave up and left the computer, it was accompanied by a loud noise. The ultra-popular virtual singer just fell out.
"The secretly secretly secretly secret!" In the screams of the two men, Enyun's daily life has become an irreversible change.

[Roughly translated from Official website]


2012-05-0518+17" de Shijie

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CocoMain character
Hatsune MikuMain character

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17" de Shijie

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