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v21669.72018-05-20 at 03:49prey22Saimin Gakuen 2-nensei+1
v21669.62018-02-10 at 10:37shinnewSaimin Gakuen 2-nenseiCast. link
v21669.52018-02-02 at 05:26playnovelSaimin Gakuen 2-nenseisequel.
v21669.42017-12-06 at 06:28ernovaceSaimin Gakuen 2-nenseiSince people feel it is a 'garbage' MT, I restored the desc to its previous iteration.
v21669.32017-11-23 at 18:58ernovaceSaimin Gakuen 2-nenseiAdded desc
v21669.22017-09-14 at 20:30kight099Saimin Gakuen 2-nenseiCover & VA.
v21669.12017-08-12 at 09:02playnovelSaimin Gakuen 2-nenseicreated.