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All is Fair in Dust and Air

TitleAll is Fair in Dust and Air
AliasesDust and Air
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBroken Hammer Games
PublishersBroken Hammer Games


Based on the world of Guns of Icarus Online, live the life of a small time merchant and travel the world of Guns of Icarus. Where will your story begin? Where will it end? Each of the six nations of Guns of Icarus has a full length story dedicated to it.

The initial release is a 50,000 word story, with arcs for different heroines to be sold as DLC.

This is by a fan project turned visual novel developer, with Muse's blessing to create a Visual Novel based on the world they created for Guns of Icarus Online.


2017-08-07All is Fair in Dust and Air - Alpha Demo
2021-01-12All is Fair in Dust and Air - Early Access

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