Musume Kuzushi ~Chichi to Musume no Kyouen~

娘くずし ~父と娘の狂縁~

TitleMusume Kuzushi ~Chichi to Musume no Kyouen~
Original title娘くずし ~父と娘の狂縁~
AliasesBreakout Daughter ~father and daughter larking in madness~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Valkyria


* Daughter----. That is to a father, the closest, yet furthest 'woman'.

Eros broadcasting HQ "VALKYRIA" presents a sensual ADV featuring the dazzling immoral yet beautifully illustrated eros of a young girl!

When the hands that protect, must become the hands that sully. What feelings & thoughts cross a father's mind. Shame? Regret? or perhaps...?

With the art of "KuuchuuYousai", enjoy the 'bare essence' of a young girl!

* A single phone call. That was the beginning of everything.

To a peaceful and quiet household where father and daughter live, creeps the shadow of something, someone filled with malicious intention......!

Just what remains, after the bonds of father and daughter are destroyed... and left to rot in a sea of violation and immoral debauchery...

* Through paternal violation, a cool and detached daughter, will show the face of slut......!

Having been brought up in a single father family, she is rather mature for her age. But even so, this seemingly apathetic girl will show her true face as a woman.

...and in response to her salacious display of sluttery, how does father react----!?

* This is not a simple tale of one way violation by father on daughter.

The root of this evil, the existence that threatened him into performing this all...The father tries his best to bring the truth to light.
Before he truly loses his daughter, will he be able to save her, from himself!?
Not just an erotic tale! There is plenty of story with twists and turns to satisfy!

But it doesn't end there... the truth awaits you, at the end of it all.

As father & daughter are 'united', something will crumble away to show its face. After all is over, a father and daughter will begin to lark in the madness-

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