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El Mayflower


TitleEl Mayflower
Original titleエルメイフラワー
DeveloperAlice Soft
PublishersAlice Soft


The country is under strict control with secret police sniffing around everywhere. All culture activities are forbidden and offenders thrown to prison. One day touch female inspector crashes in youth's place to crack him down. However, she still remains human traits, so the youth starts to get gradually attracted to her.

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Japanese (3)
2004-12-1718+Alice no Yakata 7
2006-05-0218+El Mayflower
2006-05-02El Mayflower ~Wakare no Yoru~ (patch)


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Eleis MaversMain character
Mayzonette ThrowawayMain character
Misterio De FreitasMain character
Vitas DanceMain character

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