Ecole de Monstre ~ Le mariage d'Annel

Ecole de Monstre ~ Le mariage d'Annel
TitleEcole de Monstre ~ Le mariage d'Annel
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMelon Novel
Publishers Melon Novel
Monster School~ Ecole de monstre


Annel finished his studies and now lives with Toma.
However, Toma didn't finish his studies and Annel was alone at home and decided to become a teacher for one purpose... Be with Toma.
She participates in an event at the school in Toma so that she can be all the time with it.


2017-09-0115+     Ecole de Monstre ~ Le mariage d'AnnelFreewareDoujin  


Character summary

Protagonist Toma Sazuko
Main character Annel Okaha
Side character ???
Side character Hibi Nazako
Side character Imako Juri
Side character Mayako Ai

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     Ecole de Monstre ~ Le mariage d'Annel

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