An Otaku's Guide to Santa's Reindeer

An Otaku's Guide to Santa's Reindeer
TitleAn Otaku's Guide to Santa's Reindeer
Publishers Anomalis


MC, an intelligent college girl intent on becoming a climatologist, travels to the North Pole as an intern with her moms — Karen (an oceanographer) and Tracey (a biogeochemist). One day, after deciding to take a small break from analyzing data, MC goes outside just as soon as a blizzard hits. No way to see where she's going, she ends up getting lost and slipping on ice, injuring her head. Luckily, she's saved and looked after by none other than... Santa's reindeer?!

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2017-04-0213+    An Otaku's Guide to Santa's Reindeer - DemoNot voicedStory: Simple animationsFreewareDoujin1920x1080Internet downloadIncomplete version submitted during NaNoRenO 2017. 1 
TBA13+    An Otaku's Guide to Santa's ReindeerNot voicedStory: Simple animationsFreewareDoujin1920x1080Internet download 1 

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