Cendrillon Palika

Cendrillon palikA

Cendrillon Palika
TitleCendrillon Palika
Original titleCendrillon palikA
Publishers Idea Factory Co., Ltd.


A beautiful Town made of Glass "Toukyou" (透京 Transparent City).
This town is cursed.

The curse confines the residents of the city, but they can leave if they wear something made of glass.
However if they do not return before the day changes at midnight their body will turn into glass and they will die in pain and despair.

On a usual day a girl who lives in Toukyou meets a wizard.
He teaches the girl how to wear glass slippers and dispel the curse.
"Change the time of the clock <The Judging Astrolabe> at the center of the city".

Meanwhile a message card and a piece of a glass slipper has been sent to six men.
Is this someone's plan or is it a bit of god's mischief?

The girl doesn't know.
She knows nothing of the truth of the curse or the feelings surrounding the glass slippers either.
But with numerous tears and fate overlapping, the curtain opens on this beautiful and sad story.

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Hairi Lalique
Hairi Lalique玻ヰ璃=ラリック 
Hair, Blunt Bangs, Long, Pink, Ponytail
Eyes, Blue, Pink
Body, Teen
Clothes, Dress, Pendant Earring, Ribbon Tie
Personality, Watashi
Role, Nameable, Younger Sister


"I'm sorry big brother. As I thought I really want to see the outside world."

A resident of "Toukyou".
She longs to see the outside world and has a slightly strong curiousity.
A girl with a bright, gentle and thoughtful personality.
Her older brother and only family member has warned her severely to never go out of the city.

Main characters

Ela Amalric
Ela Amalric廻螺=アマルリック 
Hair, Green, Short, Tiny Braid
Eyes, Green
Body, Young-adult
Personality, Boku, Curious
Engages in, Reading
Voiced byHanae Natsuki


"I’m a half-hearted person, you know? I can't be anyone, I'm a failure."

A resident of "Toukyou".
Although he seems reserved, he isn't afraid of strangers and is filled with curiosity.
However there are times when it seems like he might disappear.
He likes books, and along with the protagonist he also longs for the outside world.

Kashika Galle
Kashika Galle歌紫歌=ガレ 
Hair, Long, Violet
Eyes, Violet
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Pendant Earring
Items, Sceptre
Personality, Mysterious
Role, Magician
Voiced bySugiyama Noriaki


"Put on the glass slippers and let’s find our helpers. As long you wish to meet them, it might be surprisingly easy to grant."

The mysterious wizard who can appear at any time and place. He lives in the protagonist's house.
An aimless kind of guy who you can't tell what he is thinking, but he gives advice in times of trouble.

Klone Spinel
Klone Spinel黒禰=スピネル 
Hair, Blond, Short
Eyes, Amber
Personality, Lazy
Voiced byNamikawa Daisuke


"So you came from Toukyou, huh. Shouldn't you hurry up and go back before you break apart and die?"

A resident outside of "Toukyou". A young man who frequently visits Shien & Ulen.
He has a lazy attitude and thinks everything is troublesome.
He doesn't usually think about the people of Toukyou.

Natra Peony
Natra Peony泣虎=ピオニー 
Hair, Short, White
Eyes, White
Body, Fang
Clothes, Choker, Decorative Belt, Earrings, Hoodie, Jacket
Personality, Ore
Role, Security Guard
Voiced byToriumi Kousuke


"As long as big bro's here I won’t get lonely, it doesn’t matter if everybody else hates me. What’s wrong about that?"

A resident of "Toukyou". He guards the entrance to the city.
With people that he isn't close to his atmosphere and way of speaking tends to be scary.
But's he's an 'affectionate dog' type of guy.

Rindo Westeria
Rindo Westeria綸燈=ウェステリア 
Hair, Braid, Grey, Long
Eyes, White
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Coat Cape, Military Uniform, Peaked Cap
Personality, Kind
Role, Security Guard
Voiced byOkitsu Kazuyuki


“Don’t you think it's beautiful? When people die and turn into glass they change into something transiently beautiful. No matter how dirty they were in life."

A resident of "Toukyou". The guardian of the clock tower.
He has a soft demeanor and is always kind and a gentleman towards women.
He's always showing a calm smile, he's a young man who is hard to understand.

Shien Clinochlore
Shien Clinochlore紫鳶=クリノクロア 
Hair, Orange, Short
Eyes, Violet
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Eyepatch
Personality, Kind
Voiced byHino Satoshi


"The truth is I don't want you to go back, but that clock is bound to you and won't let go. To a horrible degree."

A resident outside of "Toukyou", he lives together with Ulen.
He has good manners and is the reliable older brother type who has a charming smile.
Compared to the self centered Ulen, he's quite a sensible man.

Ulen Muller
Ulen Muller憂漣=ミュラー 
Hair, Black, Short, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Cyan
Clothes, Earrings
Personality, Boku, Eccentric, Stoic
Role, Researcher
Voiced byUchida Yuuma


"Love, yes, love. It is the concept that is the biggest hindrance in this world. I don't need it and I don't even want to understand it."

A resident outside of "Toukyou", an eccentric man who studies Toukyou's curse.
He has no interest in other people and of course no interest in love either.
He has few friends due to his self-centered personality.

Side characters

Eris Schneider
Eris Schneider衿栖=シュナイダー 
Hair, Braided Headband, Orange, Short
Eyes, Amber
Clothes, Dress, Sun Hat
Role, Friend
Voiced byOzawa Ari


"Say something right away if you get surrounded by strange men ok? By the way, where is Shion today?"

A resident of "Toukyou".
The protagonist's strong willed friend, she's a bit of a man hater.
She often comes to the shop the protagonist lives at to play around, but she's really after the protagonist's older brother.
She's a girl who has whole heartedly fallen in love many years ago.

Shion Lalique
Shion Lalique糸遠=ラリック 
Hair, Pink, Short
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Apron, Monocle
Personality, Airhead, Ore, Siscon
Role, Older Brother
Voiced byYashiro Taku


"You're my only little sister, so of course I would be worried about you!"

A resident of "Toukyou".
The protagonist's older brother, a kind young man who loves small animals.
He is overprotective and a little bit of a siscon towards his little sister who is his only living relative.
An un-hateable big brother who is a bit of an airhead.