Phantasm: The Haunting of Burnwood Manor

Phantasm: The Haunting of Burnwood Manor
TitlePhantasm: The Haunting of Burnwood Manor
Publishers Nickynoton


The small town of Blue Hollow has always been a rather peaceful and uneventful place nestled in the mountains.

Claret, a perpetually listless girl, can no longer maintain her relatively placid lifestyle when strange happenings plague the town.

A pale young man, in his night clothes, is found at the Breezy Inn's doorstep, a rumour of a phantom walking the streets of town at night and not to mention the peculiar lights and noises emanating from the old Burnwood Manor, home to an eccentric old man who has been scarcely seen as of late.

With her colourful companions, new and old, Claret is begrudgingly tossed into the fray and must discover the source of the problems before something truly terrible might occur.

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2017-04-02    Phantasm: The Haunting of Burnwood Manor - DemoNot voicedStory: No animationsFreewareDoujin1280x720Internet downloadDeveloper notes: Music will be included in final release. 1 

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