Kin'iro Loveriche


Kin'iro Loveriche
TitleKin'iro Loveriche
Original title金色ラブリッチェ
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
DeveloperSaga Planets
Publishers Saga Planets
 Zhongxiayehui Hanhuazu
Kin'iro Loveriche -Golden Time-
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Noble Private Academy: it is where the ladies and gentlemen of the future are raised. At this boarding school, students not only learn basic education, but are also taught how to be dignified. This year is especially unique since royalty from the small Scandinavian country of Sortilège were invited to the school. Ouro caught the eye of the princess Sylvia after a certain incident, which led to him being beaten up at the school and ultimately placed into a vacant room in the girls’ dormitory.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

Main characters

Heroina di Caballero istaa
Heroina di Caballero istaaエロイナ・ディ・カバリェロ・イスタ A
AliasesElle, エル
MeasurementsHeight: 170cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 90-63-87cm
Birthday25 May
Hair, Blond, Braided Bun, Braided Headband, Curtained, Intake, Parted in Middle, Sidehair, Straight, Tiny Braid, Twin Braids, Waist Length+
Eyes, Red, Tsurime
Body, Average Height, E+ Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Bracelet, Bunny Dress, Clothing with Ribbons, Corset, Earrings, Hairpin, Hair Tie, Headband, Helmet, Jumpsuit, Knee-high Boots, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Plate Armor, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Thigh-high Boots, Thigh-high Stockings, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Items, Rapier, Sword
Personality, Clumsy, Honorable, Protective, Watashi
Role, Bodyguard, Classmate, Foreigner, Knight, Older Sister
Engages in, Bunnygirl Cosplay, Martial Arts
Subject of, Tone Deafness
Engages in (Sexual), Bathroom Sex, Group Sex, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cowgirl, Quickie Fix
Voiced byAji Sanma


A female knight that works as Sylvia's bodyguard. Her nickname is「Elle」. While she boasts a strength that is unrivalled and is well-versed in all kinds of martial arts, she is mostly clumsy outside of them. Like Sylvia, she is also easily fooled but is not teased due to her temper. She hates dirty jokes and becomes angry when her name is tampered with.

In school she has an aloof attitude and image that makes her popular with girls, she also responds gently when conversing which leads to her having many hidden fans.

「Humans need something called dignity。Especially when they want to make friends with Sylvia」

Kisaki Reina
Kisaki Reina妃 玲奈 O
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 81-55-83cm
Birthday1 August
Hair, Ahoge, Blond, Braided Headband, Long, Odango, Straight, Twin Tails
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Baggy Pants, Bracelet, Crop Top, Glasses, Gyaru, Hairpin, Jacket, Leg Warmers, Miniskirt, Pendant Necklace, School Uniform
Personality, Atashi, Cheerful, Friendly, Funny
Role, Classmate, Girlfriend, High School Student, Mother, Popular, Wife
Engages in, Fashion Design
Subject of, Pregnancy
Engages in (Sexual), Bathroom Sex, Blowjob, Group Sex, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Missionary
Voiced byHaruka Sora


A gyaru in Ouro's class. She is well known in class for being cute, cheerful, and friendly to everyone. Although very popular among men, right now she's type that prefers playing with her female friends over dating or romance with boys. Her current hobby is teasing Sylvia.

While she entered Noble Academy to study fashion and gain entry into the industry in the future, she is not from a prestigious background like many of the other students and she gets along with Ouro quite well as a fellow "commoner".

Souma Ria
Souma Ria僧間 理亜 B
Aliasesソーマ君, Souma-kun
MeasurementsHeight: 150cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 76-51-78cm
Birthday3 March
Hair, Blond, Intake, Parted to Side, Shoulder-length, Straight, Wig
Eyes, Red, Tsurime
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Ankle Boots, Choker, Detached Sleeves, Hairpin, Headband, Hoodie, Kemonomimi Hood, Miniskirt, Necklace, Panties, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Shorts, Suspenders, Thigh-high Stockings, Wedding Dress
Items, Cross
Personality, Deredere, Kind, Loner, Ore, Wise
Role, Childhood Friend, Delinquent, High School Student, Mother, Secret Identity, Wife
Engages in, Childbirth, Disguise, Smoking, Wedding
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Infertility, Other Route Death, Pregnancy, Terminal Illness, Weakness
Voiced byKotorii Yuuka


A moody yankee girl who belongs to a different class than Ouro.

Ria likes to smoke and has been suspended from school many times.
Quite sarcastic, seems to be bored of everything, and rebellious.
Famous as a delinquent, she doesn't approach others except for Reina due to her cheerfulness.

「Chi、don't tell anyone。At least this place is my special seat」

Sylvia le Cruzcrown Sortilège Sisua
Sylvia le Cruzcrown Sortilège Sisuaシルヴィア・ル・クルスクラウン・ソルティレージュ・シスア AB
AliasesSylvi, シルヴィ, Syl, シル
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 84-52-82cm
Birthday3 March
Hair, Blond, Blunt Bangs, Braided Hair Loopies, Bun, Odango, Shoulder-length, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
Eyes, Green, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Beret, Brooch, Clothing with Ribbons, Corset, Cravat, Cross Design, Crown, Detached Sleeves, Dress, Dress Shoes, Earrings, Flower, Hairpin, Hair Ribbon, Kanzashi, Lolita, Pantyhose, School Uniform, Shimapan, Thigh-high Stockings, Unusual Hair Ornaments, Yukata
Personality, Cheerful, Deredere, Food Lover, Ignorant, Naive, Refined, Watashi
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, European, High School Student, Mother, Non-blood-related Sister, Older Sister, Pianist, Princess, Wife, Younger Sister
Engages in (Sexual), Blowjob, Group Sex, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Anal Sex, Doggy Style
Voiced byNekomura Yuki


Princess of northern europe kingdom「Sortilege」. Her nickname is 「Sylvi」. While her succession right to the throne is low, she is still an important international figure. Sylvi is unusually innocent and naive and also enjoys eating while walking, especially fond of Japanese melon bread. She is quite interested in Ouro due to his position as a commoner, a type of person that she normally doesn't have an opportunity to interact with in her usual daily life.

She is quite ignorant and still thinks that「Samurai」and「Ninja」still exist in Japan. Sylvi is also a world famous pianist and excels in anything art related. A fan of Japanese Idol 「Maria Bishop」.

「I want to know various things。About Japan, school, and you.」

Side characters

Caminal le Pultaia Sortilège Sisua
Caminal le Pultaia Sortilège Sisuaカミナル・ル・プルテア・ソルティレージュ・シスア AB
AliasesMina, ミナ, カミにゃん, Kaminyan
MeasurementsHeight: 143cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 69-48-73cm
Birthday22 February
Hair, Blunt Bangs, Braided Odango, Hair Loopies, Straight, Twin Braids, Twin Tails, Waist Length+, White
Eyes, Tareme, Violet
Body, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim
Clothes, Clothing with Ribbons, Flower, Hairpin, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Miniskirt, Ribbon Hair Tie, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings
Personality, Naive, Refined, Siscon, Strict
Role, Non-blood-related Sister, Princess, Tutor, Younger Sister
Engages in (Sexual), Footjob, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Naizuri
Voiced byAkino Hana


Sylvia's younger sister and Sortilège 10th princess. Her nickname is「Mina」.

She possess an insight to judge the other party by human nature without discriminating social position.

In order to fix Ouro sloppy life, she moves into the next room in dormitory and take care of him.

While saying this and that, she acknowledges Ouro earnest effort within her heart.

Jougasaki Ayaka
Jougasaki Ayaka城ケ崎 絢華 A
AliasesA-chan, あーちゃん, Ayakacchi, 絢華っち
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 89-60-89cm
Birthday25 April
Hair, Ahoge, Black, Intake, Sidehair, Side Tail, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Tiny Braid, Waist Length+
Eyes, Amber, Tsurime
Body, Average Height, E+ Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Blouse, Brooch, Contact Lenses, Cravat, Dress, Hair Flower, Hair Ribbon, Kimono, Mini-dress, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Puffy Sleeves, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Transparent, Turtleneck Shirt, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Personality, Arrogant, Closet Pervert, Modern Tsundere, Sharp-tongued, Watakushi
Role, Childhood Friend, Class President, Granddaughter, Illegitimate Child, Ojousama, Wealthy
Engages in (Sexual), Anal Masturbation, Blowjob, Group Sex, Handjob, Masturbation in front of an Audience, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Anal Fingering, Anal Plug Tail, Anal Sex, Cowgirl, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Erotic Spanking, Object Insertion, Petplay, Sitting Sex, Tominagi, Vaginal Fingering
Voiced byKazane


Ouro's class chairman. An upstart ojou-sama and president of a certain TV company.
Gentle mannered but an extreme sadist with poisonous tongue.
She wanted commoner to disappear from Noble Academy.

After Ouro became closer with other boarder, while she criticize him less, she still harass him and try to drive him out from the school.

When she was a child、she was rescued by a boy from a trouble, since then, she always think about that boy.

Eyes, Amber, Black, Round
Body, Wings
Role, Bird, Bodyguard, Robot
Maria Bishop
Maria Bishopマリア・ビショップ B
MeasurementsHeight: 150cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 76-51-78cm
Birthday3 March
Hair, Ankle Length, Black, Intake, Parted to Side, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight
Eyes, Red, Tsurime
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Bracelet, Dress, Hair Flower, Necklace
Items, Microphone
Personality, Watashi
Role, Singer
Voiced byKotorii Yuuka

Makes an appearance

Hair, Black, Intake, Parted to Side, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight
Eyes, Red, Tsurime
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Dress, Hair Flower, Headband
Role, Daughter


<hidden by spoiler settings>Ouro and Sylvia's daughter in her route's epilogue. She extremely resembles Ria when wearing her Maria Bishop disguise.