Kumo Tsukai


Kumo Tsukai
TitleKumo Tsukai
Original title蜘蛛使い
Publishers Akubi


Main character gets a spider bite in an expedition. That infuses him with great lust and desire to abduct women. He has had his fun with expedition women and now comes back to Japan in search for more victims.

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2000-07-0718+  Kumo TsukaiNon-freeCommercial1 CD

Character summary

Main character Amamiya Kyouko
Voiced by Nakano Kumin
Main character Ichijou Yui
Voiced by Minami Nami
Main character Inamori Ayano
Main character Kamiya Erina
Voiced by Sakura Reona
Main character Shimazoe Reika
Voiced by Sakura Reona
Main character Takamura Ryouko
Voiced by Sakata Kayo
Main character Yamazaki Youko
Voiced by Sakata Kayo
Main character Yoshino Izumi
Voiced by Tada Tomomi
Side character Kimiyama Shouko
Voiced by Tada Tomomi

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