Midara Ryuu


TitleMidara Ryuu
Original title淫ら龍
DeveloperPinky Soft
Publishers Pinky Soft


Ikaru Dragio is the capital of the Dragion Empire. Rudin (or player's name) has just been awarded the rank of fighter, but he has no motivation at all. His parents are highly successful business executives, and they're now high-ranking government officials. Rudin is simply bored!
One day, as he's looking out the window to find a girl to pick up, he notices a hunter-type girl glaring at him. Rudin rushes toward the girl to pick a fight... Later, he learns that her name is Shalvina, visiting Dragion as an exchange hunter trainee. Rudin and Shalvina start quarreling, but soon witness the space next to them suddenly tear apart. A dying woman appears from the tear!! The woman appears to have been warped from somewhere, but she dies before she can explain everything.

The police arrive while Rudin and Shalvina are dazedly standing there and try to arrest them on murder charges. However, the tear opens up once again and traps Rudin and Shalvina inside. Both of them wake up in the middle of a prairie. How long have they been here? Where the hell are they? And so begins the mysterious adventure of Rudin and Shalvina...

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2002-08-0918+  Midara RyuuNon-freeCommercial1 CD 2 

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