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Zan! ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~


Zan! ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~
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Her father, Saori Kanzaki, ran a small town factory. However, due to the recession, the company went bankrupt and had a large amount of debt. My esteemed father is abducted and lost, and my mother also suffers from serious illness. At such times, a creditor came to Saori to tell him a good story.

They will be admitted to the private Tenma Gakuen, a women's school in a dormitory system, as a tuition fee exempt student, and will introduce a part-time job for debt repayment. Saori jumps to the story that I can not hope for, and performs the transfer procedure. In late July, the last day of a semester, Saori will transfer. And I will come to the villa of the director Narusawa near the school for "I part-time job."

The villa of Narusawa, located on the Midorizawa Kogen, surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes, is a wonderful environment surrounded by dazzling greens, birds singing, and nothing more.
Saori "Can you live in such a wonderful place ..."
However, the excitement did not last long. In the evening of the day I arrived at the villa, I will be informed of the astonishing fact from Shiho of the underwriter.
Shiho "You work in a membership-only secret club. Sexually serve rich men."
Saori "Well, that's ..."
Saori, who thought that she worked as a housekeeper, cries and cries out in this too harsh reality. But after all, Saori is determined to "dedicate his body," to save the family.

Saori's days of hell began ...


Japanese (2)
2004-07-2318+Zan! ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~
2006-03-0818+Zan! ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~ Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Aikawa RisaMain character
Voiced by Asou Akira
Endou ShihoMain character
Voiced by Isshiki Hikaru
Fujimori NatsumiMain character
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Kanzaki SaoriMain character
Voiced by Enokizu Mao
Shirakawa MikiMain character
Voiced by Chatani Yasura
Narusawa RyuuichirouSide character

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